Angry Birds board game coming this May from Mattel

Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show introduces the world to dozens of new gadgets and gizmos to enhance our digital lifestyle – yet at this week’s show, the real highlight was something decidedly more analog. Angry Birds is about to get the board game treatment, and a working model was shown on the CES show floor this week.

Being released through Mattel, Angry Birds: Knock On Wood will have players build and then destroy towers filled with evil pigs, just like in the video game. One player will draw a card that shows a tower on it that his opponent will have to build. The player then takes the birds that were designated on the card, loads them into the catapult, and fires. If they knock down all the pigs, they score the points on the card.



While there’s no actual board involved, this really does seem like the perfect tabletop rendition of Angry Birds. It’s like a high polish remake of the homemade Angry Birds table game that hit the internet last summer.

Can’t wait to pick this one up for yourself? Mattel is set to release Angry Birds: Knock On Wood in May for an expected retail price of $14.99.

[via Electric Pig]

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