Angry Birds animated series coming Fall 2012

It’s nice to know that some things in this fast-paced world of ours will never change. Specifically, wherever there’s a hit video game, a cartoon adaptation is never far behind. (“Do the Mario!”) Not only will we be seeing a Chop Chop Ninja cartoon before too long, but over the weekend, Rovio announced that at Angry Birds cartoon is in the works.

“We’re going to roll out a weekly animation series later this year [as] shortform content,” Rovio’s head of animation, Nick Dorra, said at Cannes’ MIPTV conference over the weekend.

Dorra also stated that the series would consist of 52 episodes, and would be released across multiple devices. “We’re looking at building a video app for that, and we’re also looking at partnerships and so on… We want to be on all screens,” he said.

The Angry Birds shorts will clock in at about two and a half minutes each, which means they have the potential to be a lot of silly fun–kind of like those “animated” scenes that you’d be rewarded with whenever you did well at Number Munchers. However, Rovio has something a little deeper in mind for the recent push behind the Angry Birds brand, including the upcoming cartoon.

“It’s about telling more engaging stories… and deeper thoughts, deeper feelings of the characters, such as why are they always angry?” Dorra said. “Angry Birds is not just about the gameplay, and will be in the future less and less about the slingshot, actually, and more and more about the characters.” .

Strange, we thought the birds were ticked off because the Pigs are constantly trying to make Egg McMuffins out of their offspring. Seriously, nobody begrudges the birds their anger. If someone steals your babies, you have every right in the world to bodily fling yourself at them.

Moreover, it looks like we’ll be seeing the new Angry Birds cartoon (working title: The Young and the Flightless–just kidding) before we see the full-length Angry Birds film (working title: No Country for Old Birds–*gunshot*). The movie probably won’t be out until late 2013 or 2014, according to Dorra, but the animated shorts will be viewable by Fall of 2012.

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