Angel’s Choice combines app discovery with investment gameplay

Have you ever wondered what sort of thought a venture capital firm puts into its investments? How do they pick the winners? How do they steer clear of the losers? Thanks to Angel’s Choice, a new iPhone game launched today at DiscoveryBeat, you can find out first hand while discovering some of the best hidden gems the App Store has to offer.

Calling Angel’s Choice “the first iPhone game for app discovery,” YD Online’s debut US title combines a virtual stock exchange with elements of an app discovery service like Chomp.

“Finding the best apps can be a real challenge,” said Dr. Hyun Oh Yoo, CEO of YD Online. “We’ve made a game that’s both fun to play and helps you navigate through more than 250,000 choices in the app market.”

Players will challenged with picking apps that they believe will perform well, and then investing virtual currency in those apps as they track their performance. The more an app is invested in, the higher a rating it will receive. This in turn will help showcase these high-ranking apps for other investors.

“Angel’s Choice lets the whole world see who’s the smartest investor. Players invest their Angel Dollars in applications they believe show real promise, and, if they invest well, they will move up the ranks in our virtual venture capital firm, while helping to surface the best apps in the market,” said Yoo.

Stay tuned to Gamezebo for our forthcoming review to see if Angel’s Choice is a worthwhile investment on its own.

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