Andy Volk joins Kongregate as VP, Product

“Who is Andy Volk?”

This is no Ayn Rand book so I’ll tell. He’s the new Vice President of Product at Kongregate and all-around brilliant guy. I know this because we worked together at Yahoo! on a secret project that could have made Yahoo! a contender but never got passed the 20 levels of product bureaucratic approval to see the light of day.

In the past couple years, Andy has advised me here at Gamezebo from time to time and spurned my offers to work here full-time (he wanted to get paid for some reason).

Our loss is Kongregate’s gain. Kongregate is an excellent online game site featuring thousands of flash games tied together with a meta-game community-based wrapper.

It’s an interesting company in at a crossroads, having been acquired by game retailer Gamestop earlier this year. Kongregate is a leader in flash games when being flash is good (Facebook games are primarily flash) but also bad (Apple hates it more wheat hates locust).

With Act One a success, what is Act Two for Kongregate? I’ll be sure to follow Mr. Volk to find out.

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