Android users less inclined to game than iPhone users

When Google first unveiled it’s mobile operating system Android, many wondered if it was going to become a solid competitor to the iPhone in terms of gaming. But while the Android’s gaming market is still growing and rife with potential, a report released yesterday by Mplayit suggests that Google needs to work a little harder to appeal to a gaming audience.

Mplayit, a Facebook-based tool to help Android, iPhone, and Blackberry users discover useful mobile applications, released a report based on the usage statistics of over 61,000 users collected during a two-week period in February. The report found that while 64% of iPhone users spent their time searching for games, only 17% of Android users did the same.

“Clearly, with our audience of Android users, they are not gravitating towards games on the platform,” says Mplayit chief executive Michael Powers. “Is that because the games aren’t there, or because the games aren’t interesting? It’s a little of both.”

Another possibility is that the Android is being viewed as a more professional platform than what’s being offered by the iPhone. Much of the marketing push behind the iPhone has been about it’s music, movie and gaming capabilities. Could the results of this report indicate something of a backlash towards the iPhone from the business-minded community?

[via Forbes]

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