Android beta testers wanted for Catan’s new online multiplayer modes!

By Joe Jasko |

Anyone who’s a fan of the board game Catan will tell you that playing it is often better with friends. Well the good news for you is that the developers behind the mobile iteration of Catan have heard your pleas loud and clear, and are just about ready to roll out the first update to the game with new multiplayer functionality. However, they also need your help to test out the new multiplayer components to make sure everything is working up to Catan standards before the full-fledged release.

Now there’s even more good news: to help with this testing, the developers are giving everyone a chance to try Catan‘s new multiplayer on the Android version of the game before its final release! If you want in on the action, all you need to do is request to join the new Catan Google+ Community that the developers have set up right over here, and wait to be added by the team to the server test group within a week’s time.


It should also be noted that the build you’ll receive will be limited to the new multiplayer functionality only, which currently includes the options for quick and custom online matches. And of course, if you happen to partake in the testing event, don’t forget to help the team out by providing them with feedback about your online Catan experience!

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