A Collab Is Among Us! Featuring Indie Games Such As Untitled Goose Game and Undertale!

A collab is Among Us! The crewmates are venting outside of their ship to join other indie games such as Untitled Goose Game and Celeste!

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Is a collab Among Us? The crewmates are inviting crossovers with other indie games with the wildly popular Undertale already being a suspected collab! Announced originally on Twitter, the feature illustration shows a Crewmate surrounded by zany characters from other indie titles in silhouette form. From the teaser, users have already deciphered the majority of the characters in this exciting crossover.

SUSpected Among Us Collab

See what I did there with the heading? If you haven’t already been uncovering characters from the teaser image, commenters who tweeted at Among Us have done so for you! They already figured out titles such as Untitled Goose Game, Celeste, and A Hat In Time amongst a few other uncertain guesses joining in on this indie clash.

The top liked tweet replying to Among Us comes from none other than Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale. This excitingly implies the funny skeleton duo may also be coming to the crew! You can check out their interaction here. I personally relish the idea of the single-boned crewmates meeting what would be their version of an eldrich horror nightmare which is the many and only bones, Sans.

Exact details for the collab haven’t been revealed so what is to be expected is entirely unknown! Take this with a grain of salt but there is a chance that news on the debut and what’s in store will happen at The Game Awards, where in the past, news on Among Us has been shared by Geoff Keighley.

Our Guesses

All we can say for certain as of right now is exciting things are happening over at InnerSloth. However, given all we have to work from is a teaser image and the caption “wow indie games are so cool. it’d be even cooler if they did stuff together one day. haha. imagine. ha.” What we are waiting on exactly isn’t obvious. Could it be an indie Smash Bros style collab? Perhaps limited skins in Among Us? We are dying to know!

Don’t forget to check out Among Us over on their Official Website, though we are certain you’ve tried it already. Whilst we wait for more details to slip through the vents why not check out some of our other news from today? Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and The Forest Combine in Upcoming Survival Horror, Hauntsville.

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