Amazon launches Indie Games Store

By Joe Jasko |

Proving once again that they’re a force to be reckoned with in online video game distribution, Amazon has launched its very own Indie Games storefront today in an attempt to give gamers a chance to buy all of their favorite PC and Mac downloadable indie titles with reduced prices, all in one place.

The world of indie games has become pretty well known for its amazing sales and bundles, you’ll be happy to know that the Amazon Indie Game Store doesn’t disappoint on that front. As part of today’s official store launch, a few of the front-page standout launch deals include Super Meat Boy for $7.49, FTL: Faster Than Light for $4.99, and Trine for $1.25. The page will also be spotlighting indie game developers as well, with the first ones being Gaijin Games of Bit.Trip.Runner fame.

You’ll even have your pick from a number of fantastic bundles, with 100% of the product sales going straight to the developers and producers who make your favorite indie games. My personal recommendation so far would be the Oh So Fine and Dandy Bundle“, which gets you six full games from Double Fine Productions, including the fantastic Psychonauts, Stacking, and The Cave, all for the measly price of $9.99.

And did we mention that any purchase you make on the new Indie Store this week will get you three free games? Until June 10, any indie game you buy from the Amazon Indie Game Store will automatically get you a free download” of Dynasty of Dusk, Huntsman: The Orphanage, and The Curse of Nordic Cove. They’ll be cycling through similar freebie deals every week until July 17.

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