All-female Silicon Sisters Interactive sets up shop in Vancouver

By Erin Bell |

Industry veterans Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch and Kirsten Forbes have formed Silicon Sisters Interactive, a new Canadian videogame company that plans to create games “made by women, for women.”

Boasting an all-female design staff, Silicon Sisters told gamezebo it plans to target women of all ages – “from tweens and teen girls to hard-working women worldwide” – with games for PC, Facebook, and various mobile platforms including Apple (iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad), Android, and RIM.

“We’re not interested in ‘pinkifying’ games, which is how girl games are typically designed,” says Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, Silicon Sisters’ CEO. “It’s no coincidence that the games I and many other female gamers are most drawn to have had women involved in their development. Girls and women game differently than boys and men. Silicon Sisters has studied these differences so we can make games that truly appeal to and resonate with the female audience.”

The former COO of Deep Fried Entertainment, Bailey Gershkovitch chairs the Vancouver chapter of Women in Games International and sits on GDC Canada’s Advisory Board. Forbes, previously an Executive Producer at Radical Entertainment, has delivered eleven top-selling games and is a veteran industry advocate for girl gaming preferences. Noted designer Brenda Brathwaite is also involved with the company as a consultant.

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