Alien Hominid Invasion Meets Kingdom in ChronoDojo, a Multiplayer Tower Defence Coming to Steam Soon

Wishlist it and check out the demo right now!

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I never realised just how much I needed a combination of Kingdom’s city management mechanics, and Alien Hominid Invasion’s light-hearted co-operative combat until I got a taste of ChronoDojo in action.

This addictive multiplayer game, coming soon to Steam, sees you pick your own character from a list of ‘humble heroes’. These include a Custodian, Cook, Gardner, Nurse, and a variety of other typical jobs.

The match then begins much like Kingdom, with you playing on a 2D arena. You run around bashing stuff, including enemies, to fill up your ChronoPower metre. This lets you unleash your ChronoPower, an immensely powerful ability that will make short work of your enemies.

As you progress, you earn currency, which allows you to build turrets, allying with new friends, and build up your defences. You then face a set number of waves of enemies, which get harder as the match progresses.

It will really put your strategic prowess to the test, as well as your combat abilities. Unlike in Kingdom, where you simply watch battles unfold, you can get stuck right into ChronoDojo.

The combat sees you whacking enemies with a variety of weapons. You can also unlock a range of upgrades to customise your character in your own playstyle.

If you’re into multiplayer games, you will be pleased to learn that you can play ChronoDojo with up to three other players. You can each build your characters, and your defences, independently of each other. However, the key is working together to create the ultimate synergy.

You can check out ChronoDojo right now by grabbing the Demo from Steam. If you like what you play, you can also wishlist it to get it the moment it drops.