Alawar responds to glitches in Magic Encyclopedia

By Erin Bell |

Alawar Entertainment has issued an official statement about Magic Encyclopedia: First Story in response to concerns from players who purchased the game and have been experiencing serious glitches that are making it impossible to finish.

Alawar’s statement is as follows:

Since the release of Magic Encyclopedia: First Story last week, we’ve received a number of emails letting us know about problems players have been experiencing. Many of these issues were related to an inability to complete one of the mini-games and thereby progress in the game. When we received the first reports, our developers immediately started hunting down the bugs and exterminating them. In fact, they’ve already sent a new version of Magic Encyclopedia to a few players, who are testing the game to see if they experience any more difficulties.

Forum posts on Gamezebo about a new version already being available are inaccurate. While we don’t have a specific timetable for when we’ll release a new version of Magic Encyclopedia, we’re working hard to make that happen as soon as possible. The best way to be informed of the release is to subscribe to our newsletter at

We know it’s frustrating to purchase a game and encounter something that keeps you from enjoying it. We feel the same way! So thank you for your diligence in letting us know about the problems you’ve experienced and for your patience as we’ve worked around the clock to fix them.

Gamezebo will follow up with another post as soon as the new bug-free version of Magic Encyclopedia is available.

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