Alawar launches iPhone bundle deal

Best known for their mark on the casual PC market, publisher Alawar Games has just released a special game pack on the App Store that bundles three of their previous iPhone releases together for one low price.

The pack includes Farm Frenzy, Smash Frenzy 2, and Gourmania – a time management, arcade, and hidden object game respectively. Individually these games would currently set you back 99 cents apiece, but when bought as part of the $1.99 3-in-1 Fun Frenzy Pack, you’re essentially getting one of these games for free.

While bundle packs are nothing new on the iPhone (see our review of All-in-One Gamebox to see what we mean), this is the first time we’ve heard of a major company like Alawar getting in on the game. Repackaging their standalone titles into a financially saavy bundle is a great way to call attention to these releases once again. If anything, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for a publisher to pick up this idea and run with it. Who knows? Maybe this could this be the start of a trend for well-established publishers looking to stake a claim in the iPhone market.

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