Al Roker has an iPhone game, because why not?

Weather, like the App Store, can be unpredictable. You can plan for sunshine, but rain is always just a few clouds away. Bigger trends, though – like heat in summer, snow in winter, and celebrities attaching their name to mediocre mobile games – are as certain as death and taxes.

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you the latest “why is this a game?” game with a celebrity name attached, Al Roker’s Al’s Weather Rokies.  

“Al loves the weather so much, he often dreams about it!,” reads Rokies iTunes description. “It’s up to you to wake him and get him to the studio.”


We took the game for a spin, and it’s actually not terrible. Weather Rokies is a match-3 game that requires you to flick pieces from the bottom of the screen towards an alarm clock in the center. You’ll need to clear away the weather pieces surrounding the clock to reach it and wake up ol’ Al.

I’ll also give the game some points for giving me a local weather forecast as soon as I booted it up. You can never be reminded of an impending thunderstorm too many times.

Still, seeing another celebrity tied to a low-budget game can’t help but remind me of the oodles of past pitches we’ve heard that fit this description, like that time Sir Mix-a-Lot sent us a video, or the time we gave away’s Shaq’s shoe.

I haven’t played enough of Al’s Weather Rokies to fairly pass judgment, but even if it is a bad game, it seems to be one with a good idea. (Mike Murray, take notice)

At 99 cents it’s a unique enough spin on match-3 that genre aficionados might want to give this one a peek. 

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