AGS Bake Sale bundles 14 indie games together for charity

By Jim Squires |

By now, just about everyone and their mother has heard about the Child’s Play charity. Founded by Penny Arcade creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins in 2003, Child’s Play raises money to improve the lives of sick kids by raising funds to make sure that hospitals have all of the toys and video games they could ever need. It’s a noble cause, and it’s one that a lot of gamers have gotten on board with. The latest group of kind-hearted gamers to get involved are indie developers working with the Adventure Game Studio engine – and they want you to name your price for 14 of their latest creations, with all proceeds going to Child’s Play.

Dubbed the “AGS Bake Sale,” gamers can name their own price to get 14 unique titles that are all over the map. Here’s a sampling of what the Bake Sale has to offer;

  • 9 Months In: a traditional adventure game about a pregnant woman in prison trying to clear her name before her child is born.
  • Indiana Rodent and the Raiders of the Lost Cheese: the biggest, most ambitious platform game ever made with AGS (quite an accomplishment considering the engine wasn’t created with Mario-style platforming in mind!)
  • Escape The Barn: a classic “escape the room” puzzle game, suitable for all ages.
  • RAM Ghost: an adorable virtual house simulator in the style of Little Computer People. Adopt an abandoned, unloved bit of code floating in the endless sea of information and tend to it in the hopes that it will one day grow up to be a proper program.
  • Abner The Amazing: a fantasy adventure in which a boastful knight and his sidekick must find out who stole all the colors and left the world a grainy black and white.
  • Zombie Attack: a top-down retro arcade shooter that has you battling waves of monsters, accumulating power-ups, gathering weapons, and unlocking new characters — all in a desperate attempt to stop the forces of evil from taking over the earth.

The minimum donation is $1.50, which will cover the cost associated with processing each payment. Beyond that, though, the skies the limit. And when you’re donating to a worthy cause such as this, it certainly won’t kill you to break a fiver.

Click here to visit the AGS Bake Sale website, see everything that’s on offer, and contribute to a worthy cause.

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