Age of Rust is a forthcoming Enjin Coin-backed blockchain game with its own rental market

Age of Rust, a dark sci-fi adventure game from developer SpacePirate Games, is one of the most anticipated blockchain titles on the horizon. Set in a dystopian future following the collapse of civilization, the game sees mankind battling with robots over the galaxy’s dwindling resources.

Players will explore abandoned space stations, mysterious caverns, and lost worlds as they attempt to get past rogue machines, tricky puzzles, hostile environments, and—deadliest of all—other players.

With over 650,000 square meters of space to explore, this highly scenic RPG adventure will contain puzzles, creative challenges, and a prize pool of over 24 Bitcoin (BTC). At the time of writing, that translates to a cool $157,350 USD.

Like a growing number of blockchain games in the pipeline, Age of Rust will utilize Enjin Coin’s platform to create and manage cutting-edge ERC-1155 tokens.

Interestingly, Age of Rust will be the first ever blockchain game to allow peer-to-peer rentals. Using Enjin Coin’s smart contracts, players will be able to lease assets from one another for limited rental periods. The idea behind this innovative rental system is to drive community engagement and interaction, while at the same time providing the game a handy revenue source in the form of transaction fees.

Community will be a huge part of Age of Rust, to which end SpacePirate has created a Discord channel where Age of Rust players can share clues and secrets. You can choose to either play solo or as part of a team, with further Discord channels dedicated to allowing “solvers” to team up on puzzles and quests.

The primary currency in Age of Rust is Rustbits, which are pegged to ERC-1155 tokens. Their real-world market cap fluctuates, peaking at around $17 million. The game also contains Rustchain Cards, collectible blockchain cards that give players access to clues and other content. You can obtain these cards right now, but their full impact won’t be evident until the game is released, at which point they will affect character, storyline, gameplay, and more.

Age of Rust is coming along nicely, and SpacePirate has indicated that its first chapter, offering more than 40 hours of gameplay, will be out in late 2019, with five more chapters to follow. The studio has already released a text adventure version to tide us over, with a prize pool of 4 BTC up for grabs for anyone who can solve a series of complex puzzles. Go here to check it out.

For more information, check out the official Age of Rust website, or join their Discord community.

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