After 13 years, EverQuest finally goes free to play

Although EverQuest may possibly be the longest running online game of all time, and even with all of its changes over the years, one aspect has always stayed constant: the need to pay a monthly subscription fee. But finally this is no longer the case, as EverQuest is now available to play for free for anyone familiar with the game or not.

What makes this even crazier for fans of EQ, is that EverQuest II (the 2004 sequel) has been free to play in some form for over a year and a half. It’s been well known for a long time that EverQuest II never quite reached the popularity levels of the original, but this turn of events is unprecedented in the industry.

Along with the original EverQuest going free, there are quite a few content updates to go along with these changes. You can now take on the Lucky 13, a set of 13 quests to celebrate the 13th anniversary of EverQuest. These content updates have come along with interface updates such as an improved navigation system, zoning path finder, and maps.

Whether you’re taking the plunge into EverQuest for the first time or you happen to own all 18 expansions, you can now enjoy the experience for free, with monthly subscription options. If you find the free content to be too limiting for your taste, there are also $5 and $14.99 per month options available. Now you have no excuse to try it out, as any PC built in the last decade should have no problem running EverQuest. Click here to start your online adventure!

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