A Portal To The East: Explore Match-3 Puzzler Clockmaker’s New Japanese In-game Event

Tick tock…

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Clockmaker—the popular match-three puzzler from Belka Games—is embarking on a whole new in-game season in Land of the Rising Sun.

You can get the general vibe of this Japanese-flavored season by glancing at the gorgeous artwork above. Before we go into any more detail on what it actually entails, here’s a little refresher on the game itself. 

Available on PC and mobile, Clockmaker is a casual match-three puzzle game set in the charming Victorian town of Clocksville, which has unfortunately been cursed by the evil Old Clockmaker. 

To undo this curse you’ll have to work your way through dozens of Bejeweled-esque match-three stages, collecting and unleashing powerful boosters to help you in your quest. 

Clockmaker has all the features you’d expect to find in a top-tier casual puzzler, including leaderboards, tournaments, events, and more. 

So what about this event?

Storywise, this in-game season kicks off with Emma, the game’s character, following a black cat through a portal into a Japanese town that has also been cursed by the Clockmaker. 

While deploying her gem-shuffling skills to lift this curse Emma meets a perplexed game developer called Riguro, whose game has become merged with reality. 

Guess what Riguro’s game is called.

It’s called Clockmaker. 

Cue a season of events beginning on April 19th. First up there’s Shores of the East, which sees you completing match-three puzzles to earn special tickets for acquiring exclusive Japanese decorative items. 

Then there’s the Gem-Collecting Tournament, which begins on April 22nd and sees players competing to collect gems, climb the leaderboard, and earn fabulous in-game rewards. If you’re a newcomer to Clockmaker, this is a good way to get into the groove.

Finally, from April 25th you’ll be able to explore a Temporary Japanese Town, a stunning event space filled with exotic mysteries and cultural references. 

Once again, the aim of this event is to solve puzzles, but this time in order to restore balance and find out why the destinies of Emma, Riguro, and the enchanted town have become mysteriously entwined. 

Just click here to download Clockmaker on a platform of your choice right now.