A play-by-play analysis of the Zynga-Facebook conflict so far

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock or simply don’t care (which is a distinct possibility), Zynga and Facebook are undergoing what could be the biggest divorce in the very short history of social casual games. Or, maybe they are bluffing, since why would the biggest social network and biggest social game company in world be walking away from millions of dollars daily and making millions of cows and sheep homeless as their virtual farms whither away (how woefully unpoetic)?

There is a lot more at stake besides money, so says Inside Social Games, in an article so long it has the makings of the first chapter for good business case study book. Read the full analysis of the Zynga-Facebook conflict at Inside Social Games, it is long but a very interesting read.

Also, be sure to see my thoughts on the subject, later this week, on the big GZ.

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