8 Indie Platformers Featured In Latest Humble Weekly Bundle

Launched just a few days ago, the latest Humble Weekly Bundle features eight platformers for $10. As always, portions of the proceeds from the bundle will go on to support charity (the American Red Cross or Child’s Play), while buyers have the option to select how much of their purchase goes to the charity, the developers, or the Humble Bundle team. All the games come with a Steam key and all but one are available as DRM-free downloads too.

The bundle is broken into three price tiers. Paying $5.99 or less gets buyers Shank 2, Blocks That Matter, and BIT.TRIP Runner. Paying between $6 and $9.99 gets buyers the previous three titles as well as BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2, Megabyte Punch, and Fly’n. Paying $10 or more gets buyers all six previous games plus King Arthur’s Gold (read our review) and Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition.


The soundtracks for Shank 2, BIT.TRIP Runner, Blocks that Matter, BIT.TRIP Runner 2, and Megabyte Punch come alongside their respective games.

The deal lasts through Thursday, May 22nd.

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