8 Great Games for Valentine’s Day

Love is a many splendored thing, and there’s no time of year when that’s more readily apparent than Valentine’s Day. The international day of roses, chocolates, and smooshy-wooshy talk is upon us once again – but that doesn’t mean you should take the day off from gaming!

Whether you’re looking to snuggle up with your significant other and solve some hidden object mysteries together, or simply trying to pass the time with a time management game as you count the minutes until you’re back in the arms of your beloved, we’ve selected 8 great games worthy of your Valentine’s gaming attention.

Dream Day True Love (Downloads)

The Dream Day series has provided gamers with countless opportunities to attend virtual weddings, but for the franchise’s seventh entry, developer I-Play decided to tell the love story of a real life couple. This hidden object game tells the tale of Bill and Helen Ely, a couple that met in 1939, as they go about planning their 70th wedding anniversary.

Wedding Dash 4-Ever (Downloads)

Fans of PlayFirst’s popular Diner Dash time management series get to help guide a bride and groom down the aisle as they fulfill the role of wedding planner in the latest instalment of this popular wedding-themed spin-off. This time around, wedding planner Quinn’s mother begins meddling in the affairs of the business, all well Quinn is trying to plan a wedding of her own!

Wedding Salon (Downloads)

Wedding Dash 4-Ever‘s Quinn may have a busy life, but it’s certainly no crazier than Holly’s. Running an empire of wedding shops is hard work, and Holly needs to take care of her businesses all across the country while planning for her own wedding in this time management marriage extravaganza.

Love & Death: Bitten (Downloads)

If you’re the sort of woman who likes things that go bump in the night just as much you do men, than Love & Death is a hidden object game that has all of the romance and monsters you need. A young girl sets out on a quest to kill a vampire, but quickly falls in love with him and joins him on his journey to find a cure for his vampirism. Twilight fans, be sure to put this one on your to-do list.

Dating Game (Facebook)

The classic 60’s game show created by Chuck Barris (whose autobiography would make an outstanding video game all on its own) is coming to the world’s biggest social network. And while it’s not ready for play quite yet, you can learn all about what to expect in our recent preview. Can’t wait to answer the bachelorette’s questions from an uncomfortable folding chair on stage? The Dating Game will be arriving on Facebook this spring.

Wedding Street (Facebook)

Can’t get enough of wedding planning? This popular Facebook game let’s you get your hands dirty and create every aspect of the perfect wedding yourself, from designing the prettiest cake to assembling the most tasteful bouquet. If you’re the sort of gamer who likes to give in to their creative side, Wedding Street offers all the user-generated fun you’ll need.

The Bachelor: The Video Game (iPhone)

Looking for love can be a challenging proposition. Thankfully, reality TV is looking to take the sting out of meeting Mr. Right. In the latest television-to-video-game adaptation from developer Ludia, players will compete for the love of the bachelor in a series of mini-games. Depending on your performance, you’ll either be given a rose or sent packing. Last lady standing wins!

Sir Lovalot (iPhone)

Knights rescuing princesses set the scene for love stories as old as time itself. Sir Lovalot mixes this old formula with something decidedly new – an endless jumping game! Equal parts Doodle Jump and Sleeping Beauty, players will help this player leap towards everlasting love over and over again.

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