7.7 million FarmVille farms go poof in May. Is climate change to blame?

It’s the time of the month when we take a look at how your favorite Facebook game did for traffic the month before. According to Frisky Mongoose, FarmVille loss 7.7 million people in May 2010. When you combine that with the 4.4 million who left FarmVille in April, you have a “whopping drop of more than 12 million players in just eight weeks.

Every pundit keeps blaming the drop on changes on Facebook. But, as Brandy Shaul points maybe this is all about the weather. FarmVille grew like a weed during the winter months when it’s cold outside and traffic has dropped as it gets warmer. Climate explains a partial drop but not such a huge drop. The Zynga-Yahoo! deal will kick in (as I pointed out before, there is no date on this) or the 7-11 Slurpie deal is underway. True, people drink more Slurpies in the hot weather and those people may be encouraged to play FarmVille based on the tasty FarmVille flavors. But there are not enough Slurpies sold in the world to make up for 12 million missing players.

Or, maybe FarmVille loss 12 million players over the past month because of changes on Facebook notifications after all. . .

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