6waves Lolapps starting $10 million social and mobile game fund

The newly formed social gaming giant 6waves Lolapps is looking for talented social and mobile game developers. And it’s created a $10 million fund to attract them.

Dubbed the 6L Fund, it will open up on September 27, at which point interested developers looking to make Facebook, iOS, or Android games can apply for funding. Those looking to participate can apply here.

“We want to find the companies with the big ideas and bring their vision to completion,” senior VP Jim Yang told VentureBeat. “Facebook and social games are evolving.”

The money will be used to help developers of any size, from 10-person teams to even smaller studios, receive the funding necessary to actually complete a game. Those who receive funding will also potentially have access to benefits like promotion and localiztion help from 6waves Lolapps, as well as the ability to license the company’s Flisio game engine.

6waves Lolapps recently received funding itself from MapleStory creator Nexon. Its next big release is the much-anticipated Ravenshire Castle, the follow-up to Ravenwood Fair.

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