6waves Lolapps investing in mobile games with $100,000 marketing offer to partners

6waves Lolapps, perhaps best known for their Facebook game Ravenwood Fair and their very public kurfuffle with SpryFox, has announced new publishing terms for its development partners, offering $100,000 to help market their mobile titles.

What this essentially means is that 6waves Lolapps is guaranteeing a marketing budget of at least $100,000 to development partners that decide to publish with them. This is quite the incentive to small-time developers looking to grow their business in the mobile space.

“It feels great to be making this announcement in time for GDC,” Dan Laughlin, business development executive director at 6waves Lolapps commented. “We look forward to meeting mobile developers at the show who are working on games that we can make hugely successful on the 6L publishing platform.”

As additional incentive for developers, if 6waves Lolapps does not spend that marketing money within two months of the game’s launch, they will relinquish the title back to the developer’s hands along with all future revenue.

More support for new and exciting mobile games is always a huge positive in this industry, so we’re always glad to keep you up to date on these happenings here at Gamezebo.

[via Gamasutra]

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