5 Ways to Win Mystery Case Files 5: Return to Ravenhearst!

Last week, I visited the office of Big Fish Games and I returned home with two special items:  (1) 5 free copies of Mystery Case Files 5: Return to Ravenhearst to give away to our users when the game is released and (2) a picture of yours truly with Paul Thelen, AKA Picman050907, the founder of Big Fish Games, chilling on the world’s biggest bean bags.

So, let me announce the first contest (in a series of 5) to win a copy of MCF 5: Return to Ravenhearst.  It’s a  Name that Caption Contest!  

Take a look at the picture above (you can click on it to expand) and write up your most creative, clever, or witty caption.  Whoever comes up with a caption that amuses me the most without making me cry, wins! 

Post your responses in our special forum we created for this contest.

Here are some more rules to live by:

1-One entry per post
2-You can enter as many times as you like but you CANNOT post 2 answers back to back.
3-Let’s keep it clean, anything offensive will be removed immediately.
4-All answers must be posted on this thread only. Please do not put any personal information on the site. The winner will get a coupon for a free game sent to them by e-mail on the day of the release of the game.
5-The most important rule of all HAVE FUN!!!

THE CONTEST STARTS NOW and ends on Saturday, Nov 8, at 12 PM PST/3 PM EST.

Good luck!

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