5 Baseball Games to play while watching the World Series

It’s that time of year again, time for the boys of summer to play the fall classic. Yes, I am talking about the World Series, which takes on special significance for Gamezebo since we are officially headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Even though we have pennant fever, 9 innings is a long time to sit still. Here is our list of 5 baseball games to play while you watching the World Series.

Homerun Battle 3D (iPhone): As one of the first inductees in the App Hall of Fame, we had to start with this game by Com2us. It’s a homerun hitting game for the iPhone that is 3D (which you could figure out by its name). But did you know that it’s multiplayer and you can play head-to-head with millions of users online?

Flick Baseball (iPhone): What is it about the iPhone and baseball games? Maybe it’s all that flicking. Anyways, another baseball game for the iPhone where you can swing your bat. But, you can also pitch as well and choose among 34 unique teams to play.

MLB Power Pros 2010 (iPhone): You can hit, you can pitch. But the MLB license lets you actually pick among real players and major league teams. And this Konami game features cute little game players (though not as cute as a om nom of course)


Hidden Object Games with baseball related paraphernalia to find (Downloads): OK, if you haven’t figured it out, baseball is not the most popular theme for casual games. Unlike Zombies or Vampires, it’s been quite a challenge to come up with this list. But, through the magic of the new Gamezebo Search, here are 5 hidden object games that include at least one baseball themed item to find among your room of paintbrushes, rusty nails, witches, wardrobes, and unicorns.

Big City Adventure: San Francisco (Downloads): Did you really think I was going to post a list about the best baseball games to play and not mention my adopted home town of San Francisco? Go Giants! Oh, and good luck to all Gamezeboians out there in the heart of Texas as well.


Now, it’s time to turn the computer off and watch me some baseball!

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