300,000+ players have pre-registered for gorgeous RPG Light A Way

By Marc Hewitt |

If you hadn’t come across Appxplore’s innovative, gorgeous mobile game Light A Way before now, that’s probably because it isn’t out yet. But buzz is building at a phenomenal rate. At the time of writing, more than 325,000 players have pre-registered.

So what’s all the fuss about? Light A Way is an “incremental RPG” that sees you defeating the forces of darkness with light.

Darkness has engulfed the sun, and horrible shadowy demons are on the warpath, looking for beings of light to consume. You are a guardian, armed with a Staff of Flare that channels your inner light into a weapon that destroys demons with blasts of radiating light.

Light up your life

This means making your way through side-scrolling stages and levelling yourself up, growing ever more powerful and taking on ever more challenging enemies.

You can customise your character by choosing which stats to boost, with an incredible 90 different Auras to tweak and combine. On top of that there are 30 unique magic pets – or Lumis – to collect, all of which help you fend off the forces of darkness.

You can equip your staff with Lightstones to increase its magical force, and there are spells to learn that give you an extra blast of deadly power during battles, so there are plenty of things to consider both on and off the battlefield.

Step into the light

Light A Way has been available for a little while in a handful of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Canada. The UK, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Poland joined the party last December.

Between them these nine countries have sent over 325,000 players into battle against the forces of darkness – and the war hasn’t even properly begun! If you happen to live in one of the nations listed you can join in now by pre-registering here.

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