2-bit Cowboy Might Just Be the Best Pocket Western of 1989

The Nintendo Game Boy celebrated it’s 25th anniversary in April, and two things happened as a result: it made me feel old, and it made me feel nostalgic. And while Crescent Moon Games can’t do much about my age, they’re prepared to help me out with my nostalgia.

Published by Crescent Moon and developed by Cascadia Games, 2-bit Cowboy is every bit the lost Gameboy title you want it to be. The trailer can give you a pretty good feel for what’s in store, and after having a chance to go hands on with the game early, I’m happy to report that it plays as good as it looks. Also, “Westernvania” is my new favorite word.

Saddle up, cowpokes. This one hits the App Store this Thursday, May 8.

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