15 Facebook Games Predicted to Fail by Games.com

It’s Wednesday, the saddest day of the week. Too far away from the past weekend to remember the good times, too far way from the upcoming weekend to have hope.

So, it’s only fitting that we’ll be discussing predictions of which social games will fail this year. Games.com has put together a list of 15 games they think will not exist by the end of the year.

Key games to note:

  • The Agency: Covert Ops – Sony released the game with tons of fanfare this year. The game is very polished but it has not stuck with the spy-seeking public.
  • Purina Pet Resort – Games.com that the only thing in common this game has with a Playdom game is the name of Playdom.
  • City of Eternals – How can a vampire social game not work in the days of Twilight? True story: At this year’s Casual Connect, the CEO Susan Wu proclaimed that the game was a success in that it was a beta test case study and they have learned many things that will help with the next game. Nice PR spin, but good luck at the next Board meeting.
  • Poker Blitz – This Zynga game is on the list because it only has 434,000 MAUs that small game companies would die for. Alas, that is bad for Zynga and they have not updated the game since March.

What’s also interesting about the list is what was left off it. There are hundreds of social games that have been created by developers lured by dreams of striking it rich on Facebook, only to see virality go away. This is a great list, but it only tells half the picture. It’s kind of like reading an unemployment report and not counting the people no longer looking for a job.

For the full list of 15 games that shall die this year, go Games.com.

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