12-year old releases first iPhone game, talks development

When I was 12 years old I loved video games, but never in a million years did I think I could develop one. 12-year old Will Evans has done just that with the release of his first game Ninja Jump, making him the youngest known game developer on the App Store.

Having created 3 apps prior to this, Evans is no stranger to the App Store. However Ninja Jump marks the first time the young developer has explored the world of gaming. In a recent interview with Pocket Gamer Evans discusses game development, sales, working with OpenFeint, and future plans for Ninja Jump;

“I made Ninja Jump because I had never made an iPhone game before, just apps, so it was a challenge but I got through it… It took me about four weeks to create. The hardest thing was to change the score when someone had jumped on a monster.”

The game appears to be little more than a ninja-themed re-imagining of Doodle Jump, but at 99 cents it’s a worthwhile purchase if only to help support the work of such a great young mind. Click here to pick up Ninja Jump on the iTunes App Store.

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