100 Hidden Kooky is Like Where’s Wally But Even Sillier

Uncover quirky characters at the virtual beach! Mini-games, sunscreen quests, and 100 achievements await in 100 Hidden Kooky – Sand and Sun.

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Sunshine, secrets, and silly surprises await! Dive into the vibrant world of 100 Hidden Kooky – Sand & Sun, a brand new hidden object game on Steam that takes beach exploration to a whole new level of kooky. This hand-drawn adventure challenges you to uncover 100 quirky characters with outrageous antics, nestled cleverly within a bustling beach scene.

I Spy Meets A Beach Bonanza

Sharpen your detective skills and sense of humor to spot these sly beachgoers disguised amongst sunbathers, surfers, and sandcastle architects. And the fun doesn’t stop there! 100 Hidden Kooky – Sand and Sun goes beyond typical hidden object gameplay with engaging mini-challenges that earn you bonus clues and keep you on your toes.

No beach day is complete without sunscreen, right? So alongside your kooky character hunt, scour the scene for 100 hidden sunscreen bottles to truly master the sandy landscape. With charming hand-drawn visuals, over 100 targets to find, and an array of mini-games, this quick 30-minute adventure is the perfect escape from the ordinary.

Customize Your Beach Blast

Choose from multiple color modes to tailor the game to your aesthetic, and for a truly immersive experience, grab your controller! Whether you’re a seasoned sleuth or a casual sandcastle builder, 100 Hidden Kooky caters to all with its intuitive controls and accessible gameplay. Uncover all the kooky characters and boast your detective prowess with 100 achievements waiting to be claimed. This game isn’t just about seeking; it’s about investigating, conquering, laughing, and celebrating the joys of a truly kooky beach adventure!

Prepare to embark on a virtual adventure under the sun, Hidden Object enthusiasts. Pack your virtual shades, lather on the sunscreen, and get ready to unleash your inner beach detective! The captivating world of 100 Hidden Kooky – Sand & Sun awaits, offering not only a treasure trove of hidden surprises and side-splitting laughs but also an immersive experience that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

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