10 Signs That You’re a Mobile Gamer

We’re all pretty big fans of mobile games around these parts of the internet, and if you’re here visiting Gamezebo, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you are too. But even though you might play the occasional game or two on your smartphone or tablet, do you ever consider yourself to be a full-fledged “mobile gamer”? Well today we want to find out the answer to one very important question: how deep does your addiction to mobile gaming go? Maybe you dream about flinging birds out of slingshots every night? Maybe you have a Cut the Rope-themed iPhone case? Maybe you’re like my Dad and have to check in every day to get a free power-up in Angry Birds Star Wars? Well whatever it may be, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 biggest red flags that let you know when you’ve been bitten by the mobile gaming bug. Doctors think they might never find a cure. What are some of the other ways you know that someone is a mobile gamer? Take a break from playing that game on your phone and let us know in the replies!   1. You think that every Thursday is like Christmas morning news If you’re all about the latest and greatest in mobile gaming, then you’re probably aware that most new games tend to surface on the App Store around 12 A.M. each Thursday. And to be honest, there’s nothing quite like waking up and knowing there’s a whole mess of brand new games just waiting for you to download! Am I the only one who still leaves out cookies and milk for their iPad?   2. You have more games than contacts stored on your phone news Not to brag or anything, but I have a huge circle of best friends that I talk to on a daily basis. Their names are Threes!, Rayman Fiesta Run, and Plants vs. Zombies 2. Oh, you thought I was talking about actual people with real phone numbers I could call? No, I don’t nearly have as many of those. But I’m cool with it. Besides, too many contacts in my virtual address book means not as much room for more mobile game best friends.   3. You’re well-versed in all of the popular mobile game genres news If you don’t bat an eye when someone says “endless runner” or “match-3 puzzler,” then the odds are pretty good that you’re a mobile gamer. But if you’re also able to name several of your favorite endless runners besides Temple Run, and which games expand upon the Candy Crush Saga formula in some interesting ways, then it’s safe to say that you are definitely, no doubts about it, a mobile gamer through and through (I’ve been more partial to Monster Busters myself lately!).   4. You wish you could earn three stars on real world tasks news Wouldn’t it be great if performing menial household chores like mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters were rewarded on a three-star rating system like Rovio’s Angry Birds? I think it’d make the world way more productive as a whole, because who doesn’t love earning three-stars on a level in a mobile game? Like for instance, maybe this article is a really entertaining read and you think I deserve 100% three-star Gamezebo completion for the day?   5. You have a very vocal love-hate relationship with the free-to-play model news If you like playing games on a smartphone or tablet, then you’ve probably run into the controversial “free-to-play” business model by now. You might simply tolerate it, as it lets you try all those shiny new games at no upfront cost; or you might absolutely hate it, as we saw with the recent Dungeon Keeper fiasco. But either way, mobile gamers are going to have some opinion on it, and they’re going to make that opinion be heard.   6. You’ve lost sleep to an intense mobile gaming session news Sometimes you just don’t want to stop playing a mobile game even though you’ve got work or school first thing in the morning. The next thing you know, it’s 4 A.M. and you’ve finally gotten to level 252 of Candy Crush Saga. For me, it used to be Fruit Ninja that would keep me up until all hours of the night just slicing and slicing away at those juicy fruits. If you’re a mobile gamer, then you’ve definitely been there before: and probably more than once!   7. You have to check in on your mobile games during your lunch break news Some of today’s best city-building mobile games instill a lengthy timer for certain in-game tasks to be completed. As a mobile gamer, you want to be ready the second those timers wind down, whether that means checking in on your lunch break, or on your coffee break, or throughout your entire Saturday, for that matter. Or if you’re really on a tight schedule, I’ve even heard of some people setting an alarm clock to let them know when their next task is ready to be turned in.   8. You’ve mastered the art of multi-tasking news Today’s mobile games have gotten pretty complex, and require players to perform several different actions all at once. But the real multi-tasking abilities of a mobile gamer take place outside of the game: like being able to switch back and forth between your different apps without missing a beat, and most importantly, playing your favorite games while still holding a conversation with the other people in the room.   9. You forget that not everything has a touchscreen news You ever find yourself tapping on a screen somewhere but notice that none of your inputs are registering? Well guess what: it turns out that not everything has touchscreen functionality like it does in the world of mobile gaming! I’ve embarrassed myself numerous times by trying to tap on GPS screens or computer terminal screens at retail stores to no avail, and then getting all bent out of shape when I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working.   10. You’ve gotten in a fight with your friends over a Flappy Bird high score news Being a mobile gamer these days means competing with your other mobile gamer friends and bragging about your awesome high scores. This has never become more apparent than with the recently deceased Flappy Bird, as mobile gamers near and far began tweeting out their high scores, only to break out into arguments when someone managed to best their own. Do Flappy Bird and high scores ruin friendships? Possibly. But there’s no finer way to find out if you’re a proud mobile gamer at heart.

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