Win Gift Codes and In-Game Items with the R2Games Easter Celebration Event


Easter is the unsung hero of the holiday calendar, quietly yet reliably generating a bountiful supply of free chocolate and in-game offers. 

Take R2Games, the hugely popular browser gaming platform. Throughout the Easter period R2Games will be dishing out tons of goodies through its most popular titles, including The Third Age, Eternal Fury, and Dragon Awaken.

Let’s see what they’ve got in store. 

The Third Age

In case you need reminding, The Third Age is a free strategy game set in a world dominated by three powerful factions: the Watchmen’s Union, the Storm Empire, and the Blood Tribe. You get to join one of these clubs and attempt to become a hero and rule Middle-Earth.

Between April 15th and April 17th, The Third Age is holding a special Easter Egg Smash event. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The event will see you smashing Easter eggs to reveal a host of rare items. 

Eternal Fury

Eternal Fury is a turn-based RPG with SLG elements. It sees you picking a class, awakening your skills, summoning powerful mercenaries into your army, and engaging your fellow players in thrilling PvP battles. It’s one of the biggest and best titles on the R2Games platform. 

From April 15th to April 20th you’ll be able to take part in a daily sign-in event and spin a special Easter Wheel. In exchange you’ll win rewards to spend on some natty Easter fashion, as well as a unique Easter Frame and Easter Photo to go with your profile. 

And that’s not all. Version 4.5 of Eternal Fury is coming soon, promising even more features and even slicker gameplay. 

Dragon Awaken

Dragon Awaken is a stunning MMORPG with a truly epic story. It sees you playing as a knight who somehow manages to gain the power of a dragon. This in turn earns you membership of the prestigious Order of the Dragon Knights. 

Naturally, this sets you on a path of conquest as you strike out to explore the continent and take down a series of powerful monsters. 

From April 17th to April 22nd Dragon Awaken is holding daily sign-ins and other events besides. These will allow you to collect resources that you can exchange for prizes, including a special Rabbit Mount. He’s called Mr. Rabbit.

On top of all that, the brand spanking new HTML5 version of Dragon Awaken is currently in closed beta, with a full launch expected soon.

Omega Zodiac

Finally, there’s Omega Zodiac, the stunningly gorgeous 3D MMORPG that sees you protecting the goddess Athena from the evil forces that are assailing her. 

Omega Zodiac is a mythology-inspired experience that gives you a wide array of characters to upgrade and organise into unstoppable formations. Interestingly, you can switch characters and draw on different skills on the fly during combat, which multiplies your tactical options to mind boggling proportions. 

The Omega Zodiac Easter celebrations will run from April 16th to April 22nd, giving you the opportunity to acquire beautiful new fashion items through daily logins and a special time-limited draw. 

The full list of games involved in the R2Games Easter celebrations also includes Crystal Saga, Emblem Heroes, Evil Awakening, Monster Evolution, Survivor Legacy, and Scarlet Fate. They’re all worth a look. 

Plus, R2Games is hosting a series of riddles on the R2Games community Discord channel, allowing you to win Easter gift codes. The Discord event is taking place between April 11th and April 17th. 

Head to R2Games right now to fill your life with Easter treats. 

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