What Is Gamivo and How Does It Work?

There are tons of ways to buy games these days. 

You can walk into a shop and buy a physical copy in a little plastic box. You can order a game online, and wait patiently for delivery. Or you can buy a game digitally, ensuring that you own it immediately and forever.

There are different ways to buy digital games, too.

You can visit Steam, GoG, and the Epic Store. You can find a publisher–owned online shop like Origin or Ubisoft Connect. You can go to the platform-specific store on your console of choice, whether that’s the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop, or whatever.

All good options, but our favorite way to acquire new games is through digital game resellers like Gamivo

How Does Gamivo Work?

If you’re new to the scene, you might be wondering how it’s possible to resell something that you only ever own digitally. You might even be questioning the legality of this type of transaction, given that it’s nowhere near as mainstream as the others we’ve mentioned. 

Let us put your mindat ease. Reselling digital games is perfectly legal. In fact, it’s no different from holding a yard sale on your front lawn. 

Sometimes you find yourself with an activation code for a game that you don’t want. Maybe you bought the game on a whim before changing your mind. Or maybe you’ve got an activation code for a game you already own because it came in a bundle alongside some games that you did want. 

Gamivo lets you offset the cost of hasty purchases and bundles by selling those unwanted codes, just as you might sell an unwanted lamp on eBay. To buy a game on Gamivo, all you need to do is find it on the platform, pick the best offer, check the activation and region details, and go to checkout. Job done.

Why Gamivo?

Not only is Gamivo a legal service, but it’s the only digital game reselling platform to be officially registered in the EU, and subject to all of the European Union’s consumer protection legislation. 

That makes it a perfectly safe environment, whether you’re putting a code up for sale or shopping for a bargain. 

Gamivo lets you buy and sell game codes, gift cards, and even hardware on a slick and intuitive marketplace run by gamers, for gamers. You can visit Gamivo to buy everything from a Netflix subscription to a gaming mouse.

You can also buy VIP membership for just €1.49 a month. The SMART program gives you daily and monthly discounts up to 20%, pre-order priority, access to 24/7 live chat, and much more. Plus, SMART members are automatically enrolled in the Customer Protection Program, which guarantees all purchases.  

Not only is Gamivo super slick and safe to use, but it’s ethical, too. The second-hand market has always been a bone of contention in the games industry, since selling used games deprives publishers of the income they would have earned if their customers had all bought new copies. 

But here’s the thing: you can’t sell a code that you’ve redeemed – only one you’ve already paid for and have no intention of using. 

This makes the digital game reselling marketplace infinitely more publisher-friendly than the boxed send-hand market, which allows a whole series of players to enjoy a game without the publisher seeing an extra penny. 

By our reckoning, that makes Gamivo a win-win-win. 

To get in on the action, head to Gamivo.com right now. 

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