The BEST Upcoming Roblox Games of The Week – Updated Every Tuesday!

Our feature shares our pick for the top upcoming Roblox Games of the week! With our feature we guarantee you’ll find something new to play!

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Welcome to our pick for the BEST Upcoming Roblox Games Of The Week. Or, URGOTW… We will workshop that name. This feature updates weekly with our personal top picks for games we think you should try out, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back every Tuesday for our fresh picks! Here on Gamezebo we cover a lot of Roblox releases in our guides and sample new releases all the time. But which are our favourites?

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Upcoming Roblox Games Of The Week

This upcoming Roblox games of the week feature was first created on January 09th, 2024. Now, without further ado, let’s share our faves and list some reasons why they made our list. Don’t worry, we know you might not share our opinions, but hopefully, you either agree with our choices or find a new game to try. If you don’t, please come back next week for our new selection of games!

The Waiting Room

If you have ever wanted to be driven to insanity for fun then The Waiting Game is for you! This strange uncanny experience puts you in an endless “backrooms but make it office-themed” puzzle where you must unlock secrets and attempt to escape. The game feels like an endless maze and always has an unsettling and eerie feeling as you wander aimlessly from room to room. The real kicker of The Waiting Room is that random avatars will spawn of you and other players so you can’t even band together and trust those closest to you!

the image shows my avatar stood within a beige hallway with a player running behind her into a random room.

Sols RNG

Despite its simplicity, this game is rather addictive. Maybe that’s a poor choice of words considering Sols RNG is essentially kid-friendly gambling. You can roll infinitely for new auras, some being extremely impressive both visually and audibly, whilst also being near impossible to get! The current rarest aura is a 1 in 50MIL roll chance! Crikey!

You can boost your luck by fusing auras to create a variety of craftables which boost your luck, so even the most unlucky individual (me) has a chance at getting something sick like the Bounded aura.

sols rng shows the limited aura i have during a sunny day. A pink heart is beating across the players chest and a gloved hand is extended towards the viewer

Bloxy Bingo

This game does what it says on the tin! You get your cards, take a seat, and stamp away in a communal bingo game. This low-stakes, easy-going game is fairly relaxing. You can have a chat with friends whilst you play, and if you win you can use your winnings to purchase improved bingo kits such as new dabbers, calls mascots and dances!

the image shows my avatar sat with the call board behind her displaying the numbers called in bingo so far

Mowing Simulator

Now, I’m not immune to a sim game. Mowing Simulator equips you with some basic, shoddy, run down mowing equipment, and tasks you with keeping the wild growing grass tame. You can train to increase your mowing speeds, unlock pets, get better, more efficient mowing tools, and of course traverse across different worlds in need of a mowing.

image shows my avatar training on a bike to increase her speed with three pets behind her patiently waiting to get back to mowing

Froggie Pond Tycoon

Tycoons are quite relaxing games where you passively earn cash to upgrade your facility to earn… More cash! Your progress is usually visaulised by how long you’ve spent playing the game and Froggie Pond Tycoon is hardly any different. What sets this title apart is the adorable frogs you can collect and store in your ever-growing pond to earn more cash! They’re just so stinkin’ cute!

the image shows my avatar next to her pond featuring 4 of the frogs she has collected so far

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