Gamezebo Top Roblox Games Of The Year 2023!

This year has seen some interesting releases across the Robloxverse and with that, our Gamezebo Top Roblox Games Of The Year roundup begins!

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Happy Holidays! This year has seen some interesting releases across the Robloxverse and with that, our Gamezebo Top Roblox Games Of The Year roundup begins! This list contains some of our favourite experiences that we played this year whether it be to sample during guide making, or just games we found ourselves returning to again and again!

Maybe you’ll find a new game in here, or see one you already love! Or maybe you think our choices are awful in which case… Sorry. But everyone enjoys different games respectively so without further ado let’s get into our list!

Gamezebo Top Roblox Games Of The Year

This list is brought to you as a collab piece by team Shodele! Which is a team forged of Sho and Adele who primarily post on GZ. If you have ever checked out our Roblox walkthroughs you may recognise the name! If not, let us introduce ourselves with our top 3 picks of the year.

Sho’s Picks

Onto the fun stuff! I got to try a ton of fun games this year while building Roblox guides and these were my personal favourites:

Haze Piece

Haze Piece isn’t one of the most popular One Piece-esque games on Roblox but it was one of the only ones that stuck out to me. There’s something really fun about dropping yourself into one of your favourite animes and assuming the role of a pirate.

Haze Piece has a great open-world build so you can take things at your own pace and basically retell the story of One Piece but with your avatar at the forefront. There are so many quests, bosses, and loot that are all familiar to the series. Believe me when I say this game is one of the higher-tier One Piece RPGs on Roblox!

the image is an up close screenshot of my avatar within Haze Piece who is the Demon race. Her face is pale white and she is wearing a maid style bonnet

Anime Champions Simulator

Ok, hear me out. I was so eager to get to the Pirate Island as a (definitely sane) fan of One Piece. Hours were spent cracking capsules, I even bought one of the Luck Boosts until I got a harem of Zoros. I’m a Zoro girlie. You can even see my harem in this Anime Champions Simulator Raids guide I created, hah!

ACS is weirdly addictive despite the somewhat repetitive gameplay. There are other things to do but the base game consists of grinding to power up your units and buying your way through the map until you unlock new worlds. I haven’t made it there yet but I am VERY excited to get to the Jujutsu Kaisen inspired world to see who is waiting for me there.

MY HAREM OF ZOROS!! This shows my avatar who is pale white with a black and white maid outfit stood between three zoros from the anime champion simulator game

Color or Die

As a Brit typing color over colour feels unforgivable, but I’ll give this game a pass on account of it being so addictive. I’m not usually a horror fanatic but the way this game is presented makes it such a rewarding play! Essentially this game mixes puzzles, paranoia and paint! You have to blend into the conveniently painted walls which match your colour to avoid the freakish stickman entity who roams the halls.

As you progress the game you unlock new areas and are challenged with puzzles and diverting side quests that you must do before you can move on. Overall this game is really fun especially if you get some friends to join!

The image shows my character shroud in red against a red wall to survive the entity in chapter 1! She is holding a paint bucket in her hand

Adele’s Picks

Arcane Lineage

This game took the Roblox player base by storm when it first came out – and rightly so. It’s an extremely engaging title filled with challenging turn-based combat. It’s probably one of the more difficult games on the platform, with the developers recommending party play rather than solo venturing.

It’s also a fantastic RPG in the sense that it features a variety of classes to choose from. A bounty of weapons, and a bunch of armour sets – allowing for effective character progression!

image of the arcane lineage logo for the game which has a sword within a circle with a gap at the bottom middle section

Short Creepy Stories

I didn’t actually realise that Roblox games could look realistic until this year. And Short Creepy Stories proves that it can be done well. While it’s not the only realistic-looking horror game on the platform, it’s certainly one of the best ones.

With a range of ‘stories’ to play through, as well as a 30-player challenge mode, there are loads of scares on offer in Short Creepy Stories. Plus, the developers are actively updating the game, meaning more stories are on the way!

It amazes me how Roblox games can perfectly capture the eerie atmosphere of a horror title. The sound design, overall plotlines, and themes of each level in Short Creepy Stories make it one of my favourites for 2023.

image of short creepy stories of a person walking down the steps that lead to an apartment as they hold a light while someone sits on the ground under the stairs

Elemental Dungeons

Elemental Dungeons still has an active player base, but I think it may have flown under the radar for some. What I like the most about this game, is that it takes the best parts of dungeon crawlers while managing to retain that Roblox charm.

You can wield different types of elements in battle as you venture forth into a varied selection of dungeons. Whether you choose to play solo or join a lobby with other players, you’ll be facing hordes of enemies and bosses.

My favourite part of Elemental Dungeons is the simplicity of it. You can get straight into the action and blitz your way through, earning EXP, loot, and more. All the while completing quests on the side!

promo image for elemental dungeons of a knight attacking a shadows roblox character as they are surrounded by flames and a purple aura, the games logo is in the bottom right as well as text on the left that reads "use code beta"

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