ShiftCam SnapGrip, SnapLight and SnapPod Hands On – Selfie Sensation?

By Maria Alexander |

We were sent ShiftCam’s latest pieces of kit to check out, and they’re all intriguing in their own way. We’re not entirely sure they’ll appeal to everyone, but their quality can’t be denied. So let’s take a look at each of them one by one…


Let’s start off with the SnapGrip, by far the heftiest piece of kit of the three. Fixing onto the back of your phone (it prides itself on latching onto any device) it effectively makes it feel more like a professional camera – giving you more grip, as the name would suggest.

It allows you to take photos via a button on the top corner, and easily detaches via magnets. There’s also a built in battery pack and the ability to wireless charge the unit.

This unit is initially a little fiddly to get on your phone, but once it’s fixed on we found it to be an impressively sturdy add on – although there’s no doubt it comes more into its own when combined with the other two items. Which brings us onto…


A small yet impressively powerful light, the SnapLight does what it says on the tin – it fits simply onto the circular front of the SnapGrip and provides more light than any phone flash could ever hope to offer.

It’s incredibly light – just as well considering the bulk of the SnapGrip – and has a built in mirror for you to see yourself. Why? Well that brings us onto the third member of the ShiftCam team…


This is definitely our favourite of these pieces of kit. Fixing onto the SnapGrid securely, it can be a lightweight (yet never flimsy) selfie stick – but then the bottom can split out and become a mini tripod.

This – along with the SnapLight’s mirror – can really help you capture the perfect images or have the perfect set up if recording a vlog (for example).

In summary

We think this latest kit from ShiftCam is of an impressively high quality and sensibly priced. It’s admittedly not going to appeal to everyone – not all of us want to take constant selfies or record vlogs, as hard as that may be to believe – but it’s worth consideration if you want to explore these areas, or are simply looking to add a bit more class to your mobile photography and videography.

It’s nowhere near as clunky as other add-ons of its type, and all three items work seamlessly together.

The SnapGrip, SnapLight and SnapPod are available to pre-order now from the ShiftCam website here. They’ll be launched very soon.

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