Raid: Shadow Legends Guide: 5 Tips to Help You Crush the Dark Lord Siroth


Raid: Shadow Legends is a popular fixture on the gacha-RPG scene, thanks to its rich fantasy setting, stunning 3D graphics, and deep gameplay. 

First released in 2018, this sprawling epic sees you entering the fictional world of Teleria as a resurrected warrior and attempting to bring down the Dark Lord Siroth. 

In gameplay terms, that means summoning, equipping, and upgrading Champions. It also means conducting battles in a variety of settings, including dungeons, deserts, temples, and so on. 

Between battles, you need to manage a ton of resources and items, making sure your equipment is tip top, your Champions are upgraded to the max (or dispensed with if they’re no use to you), and your coffers are replete with Gems and Silver. 

Unlike a lot of gacha-RPGs, Raid: Shadow Legends is not an idle game. It rewards sound strategy, persistence, and skill, and you’ll need to have all three to stay the course. 

We’ve compiled our five top tips to help you on your way. 

Master the Affinities

Like any self-respecting gacha-RPG, Raid: Shadow Legends features a system of elemental affinities.

There are four different Affinities in the game, though only three of them have a particular impact on the others. They follow the basic rules of rock-paper-scissors. 

Magic (blue) is powerful against Spirit (green) but weak against Force (red). Spirit is powerful against force but weak against Magic (blue). And Force is powerful against Magic and weak against, you guessed it, Spirit. 

The fourth Affinity, Void, confers no particular advantages or disadvantages. 

Mastering these Affinities will give you an edge in composing your teams and winning battles. 

Complete quests

It can be tempting to dive into the campaign, the dungeons, or whatever part of the game you’re enjoying the most when you boot it up in the morning, but it’s essential that you do your dailies. 

That means claiming login rewards, completing daily, weekly, monthly, and achievement quests, and generally picking up all of the rewards, loot, and resources available. 

It may feel like busywork, but you’ll be glad you put in the time when your back is against the wall and you need the best possible gear and the most powerful possible Champions to get you through a tricky stage. 

Unlock and Upgrade Your Gem Mine

Gems are one of the most powerful and important currencies in Raid: Shadow Legends, and so you’ll want to set yourself up with a reliable supply. The Gem Mine is your passport to riches, providing you with a daily ration for free. 

Better still, you can increase the number of Gems you earn by upgrading your mine. At level 1 it gives you five a day, while at level 3 it gives you 15. Upgrading your Gem Mine isn’t cheap, however, costing you 500 Gems a pop. 

Invest Wisely

The lazy way to play a game like Raid: Shadow Legends is just to blindly upgrade everything that’s upgradable – i.e. tagged with a little notification symbol – until you run out of currency. 

But this approach will see your campaign grinding to a halt. Instead, you need to scrutinize your investments to ensure that you’re spending resources on Masteries, equipment, and Champions that you’re actually going to use in the long term. 

Join the right clan

Another mistake that’s often made by lazy or inattentive players is that of joining a clan at random as soon as the option becomes available. 

Raid: Shadow Legends has been around for a few years now, and it has a huge, well-established community. Like any community, it has good guys and bad guys. There are supportive players out there, and also some not-so-supportive ones.  

It’s important to pick a clan that you’re actually going to enjoy being a part of, so don’t be afraid to take your time. 

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