New Horizons Game Jam – Our Picks

By Maria Alexander |

We have teamed up with the good people at MyAppFree to take a look over this year’s entrants to the New Horizons Game Jam – where the challenge was to create titles about setting good resolutions. Which is fitting as we head into 2022.

Here’s our favourite five, as well as summaries of the best of the rest! You can check out all the entries yourself right now by clicking right here too.

Our Five Favourites:

Regain Control

Possibly one of the most basic titles here, but the beauty is in the simplicity – and how it ties into the Game Jam’s overall theme. You have to remove bad habits from a planner – represented by different shaped blocks – and replace them with good routines, also represented by blocks.

The challenge comes from fitting the pieces together, and although it’s a bit rough round the edges we felt this was one of the best fits for the Game Jam and its stated aims. The developer even plans for the title to come to mobile at some point.

Unicorn 2022

Unicorn 2022 is one of the most ambitious entries, and is a well presented platformer where you play as a pudgy unicorn jumping around a city setting. Although not hugely unique – and the controls are a little clunky – it boasts cute visuals and it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

A Flight To Catch

A well presented hidden object game, you have to find the items on your list before you leave for vacation. It’s nothing remarkable but is intuitive, engaging, and ties into the Jam’s theme well.

Ho Ho Sombrero

A bright and fun title that sees you helping Santa keep presents in good condition by catching them on your sombrero before they hit the ground. It’s not high art but this is a lot of fun, especially when played with friends.

Tesla on Titan

We’re not sure how this ties into the Game Jam’s overall theme, but this is a responsive top down racer which moves at a decent lick. The controls are tight, but it’s a shame there’s only one track.

And the rest…

Pray for Motivation

Possibly the most ambitious entry, you wander around a small 3D village trying to gain happiness points for the various inhabitants. It’s a struggle to control but with some polish this could be a bit of a gem if it ever arrives on mobile.

Party on the Yath

One of the simpler titles, it sees you moving a boat left and right to catch various women. Apparently blondes are worth more points than redheads according to this game too…no comment. 

Bunny Claus

This is very rough and ready (there’s no music for one) but the message and focus – you play as a rabbit delivering gifts to children – is undeniably lovely.


An impressively presented top down strategy game, this title is technically impressive but the gameplay requires a little too much trial and error for our liking. A large plain of view might help alleviate that issue though.

Nightshift at Christmas Factory

A title that the developer hopes will come to mobile, it sees you combining items to create presents for Santa to give away for Christmas. It’s a bit of a struggle to play on desktop but on mobile – where the developer hopes to bring it at some point – it would work quite well.

UwU Fruits

A very casual title where you collect fruits and – well, that’s about it. Very cute and hard to hate.

Jungle Jimmy

Abrutal survival game, you’re placed on an island and must gather food to stay alive. It’s not always clear what to do and the presentation needs some work.

Again, you can check out every game submitted right here.

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