Why I Think Love and Deepspace Sets the New Standard for Otome Games

Love and Deepspace is certainly taking the Otome world by storm right now, and for good reason. Here’s why…

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If you’re in the Otome sphere, like me, you’re probably playing Love and Deepspace – or you’ve at least heard of it. With it being free-to-play, it’s an accessible Otome game, especially compared to the more expensive ones that are out on the market.

While there are micro-transactions, you can ignore them, and they’re not important to the core gameplay. Like other mobile Otome games, Love and Deepspace features a gacha system where you can obtain new Memories. However, you’ll be glad to know that the main appeal of the game doesn’t rely on luck.

A New Standard?

So, why do I think that Love and Deepspace sets a new standard for the Otome genre? Firstly, the 3D graphics look absolutely stunning. The typical Otome game usually sticks to the 2D art style, which I adore – I’m an avid anime fan, after all. But you can’t deny that there’s something special about a game that looks and plays like a Final Fantasy title. Listen, if you had the option to romance Cloud Strife in a video game, you would.

It’s not all about the graphics though. Otome games are renowned for their immersive stories and in-depth characters. But I have to say, there’s something distinctive about Love and Deepspace. Right from the bat, I was invested in the storyline.

The first-person cutscenes that look straight from a console game make a great first impression. While I love Otome titles, we can all admit that the main gameplay is something along the lines of clicking through dialogue and selecting options. Which is fine, of course, but it’s nice to have something fresh.

Next Level Interactions

image of all 3 dateable characters from love and deepspace, with rafayel on the left peering over his shoulder and smiling as it rains in the city, xavier in the middle holding an umbrella surrounded by trees whilst looking off into the distance, and zayne taking shelter whilst looking out of the windows at the rainy weather amongst the mountains

You can also romance all of the options at once, without any repercussions, so that’s a bonus. We’ve all had the dread of having to pick a character to romance in the first save. The obtainable 5-star Memories also feature lovely 3D cutscenes that give you a glimpse into their lives and personalities. The 4-star Memories can sometimes give you mini audiobooks which also allow you to delve deeper into their lore.

There’s a mobile phone too, where you can text, call, and use ‘social media’ to interact with the characters. And, character customisation! Pretty good customisation at that. It pays off to create your own unique character, as you can take photos with different solo and duo poses with Rafayel, Xavier, and Zayne. I’m a big fan of the video calls, and I prefer that the calls only come through when you’re active on the game without specific schedules. Mystic Messenger… I’m looking at you.

In short, I think Love and Deepspace feels very different from the other Otome games that I’ve played. If you can look past the gacha mechanics, it’s genuinely a fantastic entry in the genre. It helps that the men are likeable too.

You can even set them to appear on the main screen, which is where you can interact with them by feeling their heartbeat, tapping them, and more. What’s not to love? Anyway, before you go, who’s your favourite? Rafayel’s my number one, but Xavier’s becoming a close second!

Download Love and Deepspace on the Google Play page and the App Store page now to give it a go. I’ve also written a few guides for the game, so make sure to check out our Love and Deepspace Next Banner guide and our Love and Deepspace Codes guide!

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