Joyway’s New Hifi Gaming Keyboard at Gamescom 2023 – All You Need To Know

Keyboard enthusiasts, do we have news for you…

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Keyboard enthusiasts, do we have news for you. The hugely talented team over at Joyway is working on an exciting new product that has the high-end user firmly in mind. If that’s you, and you’re seeking an upgrade on your current unit, prepare to be excited. There’s even Joyway’s other product line called IROK, for players on more of a budget. 

IROK Products

The new Hifi keyboards are developed in partnership with Joyway’s new IYX brand, and comes in four separate colours that will suit a range of different users. Joyway always has the user in mind, and that’s very evident here.

The Colour Options In-Depth

Karloff Noir is the most traditional of the four, with its slim blacker-than-black aesthetic coupled with a healthy dose of RGB. Because it wouldn’t be a gamer keyboard without a bit of lighting now, would it?

Karloff Noir

For those that find black a little dull, there are two other options, however. Mithril, like Frodo’s vest, is bright and luminous. It’s all-white keyboard features RGB backlighting, so will appeal to those that like to stand out. It’s silver base is all class, with build quality that would make even Apple jealous.


The old school amongst you will love the Opal offering, which features an entirely see-through design and a classy combo of white and blue lighting beneath the keys. It’s a beautiful offering, and perfect for those that grew up with the gorgeous see-through Game Boy.


Finally, there’s Topaz, which is the most unassuming of the four. It features a blocky, all-silver chassis with classy see-through keys. If you prefer a keyboard that would look great in a professional setting, this is the choice for you.

High Quality Materials and Accessories

No matter which you opt for, you can bet that the materials are up to scratch. All four are made of carbon fiber, so will stand the test of time. Drop them or shove them in a bag and they will be absolutely fine.


They are also highly customizable. You can adjust the response of the keys to suit your taste, swap them out entirely with replacements, and tweak the lighting effects with a simple gesture. That will come in handy in darker environments, when you suddenly need the light but can’t see anything.

You can further tweak your device with a detachable timing screen, and, perhaps most exciting, a 20,000mAh wrist rest. Not only will this make typing much more comfortable, but it will provide much needed juice to your keyboard when you’re away from power.

Check It Out At Gamescom

Hall 10.1 B072

Are you heading to Gamescom this year? So is Joyway! The team is bringing all four of the exciting new Hifi keyboards with them, and will give you an opportunity to test them out for yourself. 

Simply head on over to booth number B072 in Hall 10.1 to meet the team and check out the exciting keyboards. If you have access to the business area, you can also meet the team at booth number C043a in Hall 2.2.

We thoroughly encourage you to do so if you’re in the market for a new keyboard, as the four offerings by Joyway are extremely high quality and aesthetically pleasing. You won’t regret it.