How Infinite Galaxy Has Ruled the Mobile Galaxy for the Last Year

By Glenn Wilson |


Infinite Galaxy is one of the most universally acclaimed games on mobile.

Camel Games’s epic next-gen space strategy game has an average rating of 4.8 from more than 45,000 reviews on the Google Play Store, while on the App Store it’s sitting on an average of 4.7. 

In case the significance of this escapes you, 4.8 is the sort of score normally reserved for prestige titles like Monument Valley 2 and Stardew Valley. Genshin Impact only manages 4.1. 

In other words, Infinite Galaxy is kind of a big deal, whether you’re aware of it or not. 

Released just under a year ago, Infinite Galaxy is a vast, ambitious 3D space game with branching possibilities, strategic choices, and huge zero-gravity battles involving a stunning variety of spaceships. And it keeps getting better.

A Long, Long Time Away

Infinite Galaxy takes place in Galaxy Year 4649. The Old Federation was defeated years ago by the evil Empire, but now the Empire’s reign is on the verge of collapse too, with countless rebel groups harrying its outer rim and bandit traders freely crossing its borders with contraband. 

Plus, there are rumors afoot that somebody has discovered the mysterious warships of an ancient intergalactic race. If those mighty vessels surface while the Empire is mounting its counteroffensive, all hell will break loose. 

This is the perilous environment you’re thrust into as you embark on your career as a spaceport commander. You’ll start by repairing your own humble spaceport before renovating your flagship, defeating space pirates, exploring the galaxy, forming an alliance, and eventually taking over the galaxy. 

The scope of Infinite Galaxy is virtually, well, infinite. There are countless miles of space to explore, 30 different spaceships to build, tech to research, buildings to upgrade, crew members to recruit, blueprints to discover, and more. 

But that’s not all. Infinite Galaxy takes place in a vast universe, but not the cold and lonely version of space you might have encountered in EVE Online or Elite Dangerous. 

Each member of your crew has their own life experiences and stories to share, and your perception of their life in outer space will change as you get to know them, and as you complete dozens of story quests. 

The Human Factor

You know who else has life stories to share? Your many, many human counterparts, and you can join up with these fellow explorers in vast alliances. Joining a powerful alliance means you’ve got support to call on when you’re up against it, and extra muscle when you want to launch an attack. 

So what is it that makes Infinite Galaxy such a compelling mobile space opera? 

For one thing, it’s a totally immersive experience. Infinite Galaxy doesn’t give you a tutorial to complete – it gives you a Spaceport Development Handbook. Because you’re not a player – you’re a spaceport commander. 

And then there’s the way it takes an environment as big as space and cleverly rationalizes it down to key regions and coordinates, such as the Imperial City, Guard Cities, AGN Gates, and so on. 

And here’s how those regions come into play. After a nebula has been unlocked for a certain amount of time, alliances with enough power can occupy the AGN Gate and enter the central region. 

Then, once the Defend the Galaxy event unlocks, they can seize the Imperial City and install the leader of the strongest alliance as the Princeps of the nebula, unlocking a whole new raft of abilities and opportunities. 

A Princeps can appoint Federation Officers, unlock powerful Federation Buffs, give out buffs to various operatives within an alliance, and generally contribute to the development of the galaxy.  

Running a spaceport means maintaining a number of different areas, such as tech, crew, and outfitting. By managing these departments in your own way, serving your own strategic masterplan, you can build a totally unique fleet. 

The Captain system gives you the ability to appoint your most effective officers to particular positions in your fleet, letting you prioritize your most valuable resources according to the conditions on the battlefield. 

And your power can be increased even further through the Dual Flagship system, which lets you explore additional combinations and cultivations by deploying two flagships in the same fleet.

Boldly Going

The important thing to note about Infinite Galaxy is that it’s still growing. For instance, the new Incidents system creates recorded traces of secret information for commanders to discover and collect, as well as medals for completing expeditions. 

New events have been added, too, while the Secret Signal, Archean Ghost Ship, Purity Protocol, and other events have all been overhauled and updated. These daily events allow commanders to create agreements with fellow commanders while also winning rewards to plough into their own campaigns galactic domination. 

And the Galaxy Summit and Outermost Crusade event give you the opportunity to make contact with commanders from other nebulas and take on a wider array of challenging enemies.

Finally, Infinite Galaxy is always getting new maps, forcing you to mix up your strategies and think on your feet. This is a game that never gets stale. 

It’s little wonder that Infinite Galaxy is one of the most highly rated games on mobile. To check it out for yourself, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store by clicking right here.

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