Dungeon Hunter Champions exclusive character reveal: Navin – The Time Keeper

Dungeon Hunter Champions is coming soon to mobile, and developer Gameloft has just revealed three of the new champions you can expect to choose from. Gameloft was also kind enough to share another hero exclusively with us – that’s right, you won’t …

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Dungeon Hunter Champions is coming soon to mobile, and developer Gameloft has just revealed three of the new champions you can expect to choose from.

Gameloft was also kind enough to share another hero exclusively with us – that’s right, you won’t hear about this upcoming champion from any other source.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at Dungeon Hunter Champions and all of the champions that we’ve seen so far.

What’s Dungeon Hunter Champions?

Dungeon Hunter Champions is the latest entry in Gameloft’s mobile action RPG franchise. If you’ve played Diablo before, you’ll know exactly what to expect here.

Pick a hero (or champion, in this instance), battle hordes of ugly monsters in a variety of dungeons, and loot gold and equipment to increase your power.

What’s new in Dungeon Hunter Champions?

There appears to be a greater focus on the individual champions this time around. There’s over 250 of  them – most of which are unique to this entry – and every single one of them has an intriguing backstory.

More heroes means bigger parties, and that’s definitely the case here. You’ll build a team of five of them. You can even hire one of your friend’s heroes if you want, and they can do the same with yours.

There’s real time PvP, in which you also fight with all five of your heroes against an opponent’s. Or, there’s raids and a massive single player campaign – both of which earn you gear to help improve your power.

Finally, your long term goal is to ascend your heroes, which vastly increases their power. That’s worth doing for your core team at least, so you can handle whatever’s thrown at you.

Have any champions been revealed so far?

Yes! Gameloft has just announced three heroes to the masses, and saved one of them for an exclusive reveal on Gamezebo itself. We’ll start with that one, and move onto the others.

Exclusively on Gamezebo: Navin – The Time Keeper

Not only does no one really know where the Time Keeper comes from, no one knows from when. The Time Keeper himself will sometimes tell people he originates from the Temple of the Ancients in the Ashken Desert of Valora, but at other times he says this is actually his intended destination.

Very wise and very old, the Time Keeper possesses power over time itself, and may actually be living his life backwards through time, or even sideways, or in a zigzag pattern. He wields a magical sword called Longhand, which allows him to cut through time itself. He can even summon ghosts of himself from the past, present or future, or conjure his sword from other periods in time.

The Time Keeper knows a great deal about everything. Unfortunately, his relationship with linear time is so jumbled, he often gets information in the wrong order. He encounters many other champions that he believes he has met before, though they have yet to have that encounter themselves. But no one is better at solving a riddle or paradox than the Time Keeper.

The Time Keeper has accepted a soul disc and entered the Eternal Contest as a champion because he believes the game has, ultimately, a sinister purpose. He is deeply troubled that the multiversal structure of the game will eventually damage the time stream itself, causing a temporal collapse, and he is especially concerned about the abuse of Time Crystals, which he fears will petrify and dam the natural flow of time.

The Time Keeper is in the game to get to the bottom of it all. He will persevere to the bitter end… or the very beginning… whichever comes first…

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Navin looks a bit like a jack-of-all-trades, though primarily concerned with dealing damage and supporting his team. He can summon spirits of himself and his sword, cut through foes with his sword, and presumably mess with time by freezing it or speeding it up for allies and foes alike.

He definitely sounds like an interesting one that will, presumably, be a bit difficult to master, but well worth it for those that persevere.

Dr. Dendryte – The Psion

If ever there was a villain, it is the deranged Psion, an evil mad scientist with physic powers. The Psion is a formidable opponent, and a powerful asset to any war party. Woe betide any foolish mortal who gets in his way as he strives to win the game for himself!

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Dr. Dendryte sounds a bit like a damage dealer to us. If you’re a fan of evil characters, no doubt you’ll love this one. Psychic powers suggests that he’ll be an adept debuffer and interruptor, capable of preventing the opposing team from reaching their full potential.

Voxia – The Derby Girl

The Derby Girl is an all-star, all-winner champ of the famous Ultimate Blitz Coliseum, a sport that combines speed, agility and excessive violence. The Derby Girl is spunky, sassy and playful. It’s hard not to like her, even though she is often reckless and impulsive. She’s hell on wheels, and she swings a mean baseball bat.

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Here’s your melee warrior! Voxia sounds like one of those tanky damage dealers that relies on not getting hit by dodging, rather than absorbing blows via a massive health pool. Sounds like she’ll retaliate in kind too, with some powerful baseball bat blows to the face.

Lingshe – The Snake Lady

The Snake Lady travels the world of Valora as an explorer and pilgrim, accompanied by a fellow snake spirit, her friend and companion. She is peace-loving and restrained, but is nevertheless able to fight when necessary. Driven to combat, she can strike with the power and speed of a snake, and is an implacable adversary.

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Lingshe smacks of a pet character to us! You know, those types that fight alongside a pet, drawing power from them and giving it in return to destroy all opponents in their path. Could be a good option for the soloer.

Dungeon Hunter Champions will launch soon on iOS and Android

There we have it! That’s all we know about Dungeon Hunter Champions in a nutshell. Well, apart from the fact that it will launch soon, and that you can pre-register for it right now on Google Play if you’re on an Android device.