Construction Simulator 3 – Interview: astragon On Driving Construction Simulator 3 Onto Mobile

The Construction Simulator series is getting a third entry, so it seemed a good time to chat with astragon – the developers of the game – all about it. Can you explain a little about the history of the Construction …

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The Construction Simulator series is getting a third entry, so it seemed a good time to chat with astragon – the developers of the game – all about it.

Can you explain a little about the history of the Construction Simulator series?

The Construction Simulator series started off in 2011 with the Construction Simulator 2012 for Windows and MacOS. Since then, the franchise grew to five titles with the upcoming Construction Simulator 3 being released this April for mobile platforms. Over the years, we added more and more license partners to the vehicle portfolio of the Construction Simulator franchise resulting in over 50 machines and vehicles by 14 different brands up until now.

What is unique about this latest entry in the series?

For the first time, mobile players will be able to experience the action on the construction site through the eyes of their in-game character via the new cockpit camera. Furthermore, Construction Simulator 3 introduces a new setting with three unique districts in the idyllic European Alpine foothills.   

What were your team’s main influences when developing the game?

After Construction Simulator 2, which had a US setting inspired by dry and more desert-like regions like Arizona or New Mexico, we were now happy to do something more greenish for the next part of the series. We wanted to create something that most of our international players would directly connect with Central Europe or Germany to be more precise. So, we decided to go for a Southern Germany, Bavaria inspired setting with not only the landscape reflecting the idyllic Alpine regions but also part of the architecture showing the typical style of this region. It surely is a stereotypical approach but we think a lot of our players will like the new setting with its lush, evergreen vegetation, snow-capped mountain tops and a small village lying beside a crystal clear lake (and this only reflects the start of the game).

Is Construction Simulator a game that anyone can play, or do you need to have a decent knowledge of construction vehicles?

Construction Simulator games always strive for the highest possible level of simulation that is achievable without sacrificing on easily accessible controls. This allows easy entry for beginners and provides enough depth for experienced gamers of the series.

How did you look to keep the contracts you’ll complete varied?

Due to the different districts the player travels through during his or her aspiring career, the types of contracts vary greatly depending on the size of the player’s construction company. Players will be challenged with all kinds of missions from small delivery jobs, to earthmoving, gardening and landscaping, building houses and office building up to building entire bridges and other exciting constructions in particularly challenging special assignments.

What would you say is the vehicle that’s the most fun to control in the game?

For me personally it’s the excavators. After some practicing and with more experience you can easily excavate quite a volume in no time. Performing smooth movements with the excavator’s arms is noticeably getting more efficient with every bucket you take. Digging a huge hole is like yoga for your mind. If you enjoy challenges, then the newly added Drilling Rig with its complex handling and work process is the one you should go for. But that’s the best about Construction Simulator: Everyone can choose freely what’s his or her favourite machine and due to our broader than ever portfolio there often is more than one machine per category to choose from.What tips do you have for people playing the game for the first time?

First of all, do not be afraid of taking on new challenges. The game will guide you through the controls and mechanisms to ensure a smooth and easy start into the Construction Simulator series. And do not forget to rent some vehicles if you need them for a contract but can’t afford to buy them yet. That’s part of the game’s concept. Just don’t forget to return them as soon as the job is done.

Are there in-app purchases in the game?

Yes, players will be able to buy coins to speed up their game’s progress. However, these in-app purchases remain optional throughout the entire experience. 

Do you have anything planned in terms of future updates for the game, and if so, can you give us any details of what these might include?

Of course, we’ll make sure the game runs as smoothly as possible right from the start. In case of emerging bugs, we’ll of course try to fix them right away. Concerning content updates, we’re currently not sure about what we may add in the future. Looking back to Construction Simulator 2 it might be possible that we’ll add some more missions and maybe introduce some new brands. But that’s not for sure, we’ll see. Stay tuned.

Construction Simulator 3 will be available for pre-order on the App Store (Link) as well as pre-register on the Google Play Store (Link) starting today. The release is scheduled for April 10, 2019 on both platforms.