The BEST Roblox Games of The Week – Games You Need To Play!

Our feature shares our pick for the Best Roblox Games of the week! With our feature, we guarantee you’ll find something new to play!

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Welcome to our pick for the BEST Roblox Games Of The Week. Or, RGOTW… I might workshop that name. This feature updates weekly with my top picks for games I think you should try. So, be sure to bookmark this page and check back every Tuesday for our fresh picks! Here on Gamezebo we cover a lot of Roblox releases in our guides and sample new releases all the time. But which are our favourites?

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Best Roblox Games of The Week

This Roblox games of the week feature was created on January 09th, 2024. Now, without further ado, let’s share my favourites and why they made the list. Don’t worry, I know you might not share my opinion, but hopefully, you either agree with the choices or find a new game to try. If you don’t, please come back next week for our new selection of games!

Legacy Piece

the image shows a shanks npc leaning his legs on a wooden bar with a drink in one hand. He has a glowing ! above his head to indicate a quest line from him.

This game dropped on Saturday and I’ve frequented it since. Legacy Piece is the One Piece Roblox game of my DREAMS! It’s so nicely made with engaging quests, fun models and music. Rather than spawning in and immediately squashing bandits, you get to interact with NPCs and follow story progression or do side quests to kill time. I could go on and on, but I honestly think you should just check this one out for yourself.

When The

the image shows the map from above which has shows two islands. One with a nuclear missile launcher on it and the other, more larger island being completely broken into pieces

I’m sure you’ve played Natural Disaster, right? When The is the unofficial remake with a handful of more maps and disasters. Arguably more fun than the original. You also get to enjoy all the Robux purchaseables for free such as the green balloon! This game is utter madness and chaos but great for wasting some time. It’s harder to survive though so try not to get too frustrated.

Eat The World

The image shows my avatar from the side about to devour a tree. Yummy!

The title says all. Within the timer, you must consume chunks of the Earth across different maps. When you’re at max size, sell your size to earn cash which you can use to upgrade your stats such as max size and speed. Oh, also, you can launch chunks of the Earth at other players! If you manage to destroy them, they’ll revert to minimum size and lose their progress. Naturally, that works both ways, so watch out for falling pieces of the Earth!

Guess The Gibberish

The image shows my avatar stood before a gibberish gate with cherry blossom trees in the background

A proper good brain teaser that very quickly gets involved. The game will display a phrase in vague lettering and you have to guess what the gibberish means to progress. For example, you can get things like Foot Comb Uh for Food Coma. You traverse through different worlds and best of all, you can enjoy this game with friends!

Anime Rarities

the image shows my avatar as killua from HxH with a shiny blue electrifying aura surrounding him.

Anime Rarities is an RNG but with more! If you want a more involved game that is infinite gambling with more then try this experience out. Like other RNGs, you roll for new equipable units (though in this game they’re based on anime characters from multiple franchises). You can submit your collectables in crafting, or take to arenas and dungeons and fight against fellow players and NPCs.

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