Best Anime Roblox Games Of The Week – Updated Every Wednesday!

After some fresh selections for the Best Anime Roblox Games on the platform? My feature updates every Wednesday with new picks of the week!

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Welcome to my Best Anime Roblox GamesĀ feature. Built for avid anime fans looking for more content based on their favourite franchises, as well as Roblox fans looking to expand their horizons and find new titles to try. As the residential anime watcher here on GZ, I think a spotlight for my favourite anime-inspired titles is a pretty nifty idea.

This isn’t the only feature I handle. If you’re after something more broad please check out my Upcoming Roblox Games of The Week feature, updated every Tuesday! Or, if you fancy a fright check out the Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now feature brought to you by Adele!

Anime Roblox Games Of The Week

Feature originally created on March 6th, 2024. Now, let’s get into my picks for the Best Anime Roblox Games of the Week! If you aren’t a fan of these titles then check back next Wednesday for my fresh selection. But, give some of them a go, you might surprise yourself and find something new and fun. Plus, if you see me in-game, come say hi!

Project XL

the image shows my avatar in a fight ready stance, leaning with a dagger in hand facing the viewer with loads of trees in the background

Project XL is a mash-up game where you are the protagonist of your own anime-inspired story. There are references to huge anime franchises from the likes of One Piece, Dragon Ball to Demon Slayer and many… Many more. Create your custom avatar and head into the city to help weird animal-human-hybrid civilians with the overthrow of mobs. Level up, buy gear, take down bosses. I think one of the more insane features of this game is that the Zoro Boss drops Dragon Balls. Like, c’mon, that’s such a wild mash-up. (Sorry, had to mention Zoro as I am a Zoro girlie).

Anime Last Stand

the image shows my avatar stood on a rooftop in the main lobby at nighttime. Behind her are other players and Japanese inspired gates

If you don’t know ALS by now you’ve been living under a rock! This game exploded onto the scene and has consistently been a popular visit from anime fans since it launched onto Roblox. Anime Last Stand is a tower defence-style game where you can equip mini-units from a selection spanning multiple anime franchises.

More than a standard TD, you can evolve your units, apply techniques and even look forward to a new feature known as blessings! Blessings are still a mystery. No doubt someone here on GZ will make a guide for it when the update drops.


the image shows my water bending avatar with a stern expression at night time stood before a lake with trees in the far background with fairy lights attached

Ok. OK. I hear you. ATLA (Avatar The Last Airbender) might not be an anime. This debate can be put to rest because once you step foot into this game I assure you that you’ll have fun. You can pick what element you wish to belong to, unless you’re fine living on hardcore difficulty then you can even select non-bender.

I grew up on ATLA, I have Appa plushies and the Funko Pops to prove my adoration. RoBending is SUCH a cool experience with smooth battle animations, stunning world design and immersive quests to dive into.

Project Slayers

the image shows a tired man in an all white outfit stood in front of a glowing green ore coming out of the ground. Surrounding this is buildings and trees

In honour of the movie coming out, let’s give Project Slayers a spot on this list! It deserves it too for being an excellent Demon Slayer-inspired game full of unnerving demons, courageous Hashira, and of course, corps trainees. This open-world RPG drops you right into the blood lust where you can choose to be a saviour to humans or prey upon them.

Much like other inspired RPGs, you meet a cast of familiar faces but in blocky Roblox format, complete quests, get stronger, and defeat bosses.

Second Piece

the image shows my avatar with a katana on hand stood in front of a typical black pirate flag with the skull. In the distance behind her is the vast ocean and and island off to the right

In Second Piece, you level up extremely fast. And, if the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, Second Piece is inspired by one of my favourite animes ever, One Piece! It isn’t JUST One Piece though, as you can get special abilities, known as specs, based on other characters from other franchises such as JJK.

Though, if you want to live the Pirate life you can do that too, squashing fellow pirates and marines under your relentless boot as you search for the fated One Piece. Of course, this game isn’t complete without devil fruits. If you’re not into specs, you can always rely on Gomu Gomu No Mi!

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