Ace Racer Is Getting a Global Launch in 2023 – 5 Reasons to Get Excited

Racing fans rejoice! There’s a hot new driving game revving up in preparation for a global mobile rollout. 

Ace Racer – which is already available in China – is a huge, visually stunning racer that features a huge selection of real-world tracks and real-world vehicles, with a generous serving of fantasy arcade hijinks thrown in for good measure. 

There are licensed cars, sure, but they’re joined by futuristic sci-fi concept vehicles, while the graphics are a tantalizing blend of extreme technical authenticity and eye-popping neon splendor. 

With blistering presentation, a huge number of tracks and vehicles, a proven track record in China, and some clever new ideas, Ace Racer is looking like a real contender in 2023. 

Here are five reasons you should be excited.

The Unique Ultimate Mechanism

Every game needs a unique selling point, and Ace Racer has its distinctive Ultimate Skills mechanic.

Put simply, each car in Ace Racer has a unique Ultimate Skill, whether that be Cyclone Charge, Slicer, Air Cruiser, or whatever. 

This not only gives individual drivers a potential edge in a tight race, but it also introduces a MOBA-style note of cooperation. 

By teaming up with players wielding complementary Ultimate Skills, and choosing the right skills for the right maps, you can achieve victory through sound tactics as well as slick racing. 

The Fleet of Licensed Luxury Vehicles

The other thing that every great racer needs is an impressive fleet of vehicles to drive, and Ace Racer delivers in style. 

There are well over 100 licensed cars in the game from the most celebrated automobile manufacturers on the scene. The range and variety is awesome, and includes celebrity cars, fantasy concept cars, cars from the future, three-wheelers, and even flying cars. 

They all look fantastic, too, realistically rendered in PC-quality 3D. Vehicle models are made up of more than 120,000 surfaces, making them 100% interactive replicas of their real-world counterparts. 

The Beautiful Global Tracks   You need a place to drive all those cars, of course, which is why Ace Racer boasts a huge selection of tracks from all over the world, including China, Japan, Egypt, Norway, Mexico, and the US. 

You’ll barrel through the arctic, hurtle through the neon-soaked streets of a city a night, race across a vaulting sky bridge, take in the sights on a winding coastal route, and much, much more. 

Each track looks fantastic, and there’s a huge amount of variety on display, in terms of both the scenery you’ll get to enjoy and challenges you’ll face. 

The Wealth of Game Modes

Ace Racer is a racing game that packs a lot of gameplay in. There’s a Duo Rally mode, a Career Mode, Time Attack, licenses, and custom races.

But that’s just for starters. You’ll also get to go on photo trips, take driving tests, participate in bounty races, and even become embroiled in parking wars. 

On top of which there’s a social club, where you can rub shoulders with your fellow players, and a car museum, where you can admire your fleet. 

It’s Already a Hit in China

If you want to know whether Ace Racer is worth playing, you only need to look east. The game has been out in China since summer 2021, after attracting a massive 15 million pre-registrations. 

Since going live it has topped the iOS charts, and continues to jostle among the highest performing games on the platform. The cumulative number of downloads is more than 40 million, and 2 million racing fans play the game every single day. That’s a lot. 

Ace Racer is coming to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia on 16th March 2023. 

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