5 Reasons Why You Need To Play Hero’s Land


Hero’s Land from publisher Orienjoy is a massive open-world survival game on Steam, and it’s one of those rare experiences that every gamer can enjoy – regardless of your experience level or ability.

It’s helped by its innate simplicity, as the only concrete rule is – stay alive. There’s a bit more to it than that of course, so we’ve looked to sum up on why this is a game you need to get involved in.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Many games claim that you can play them exactly how you want, and survive. But in the end you have to use the same tactics over and over again to win through – yet in Hero’s Land you can choose how you want to tackle the many challenges you’ll face.

You can play with others in co-op, or be a lone wolf in the solo mode. You can also make friends in-game to work alongside, or train up pets to become your combat partners instead. Whatever type of player you are Hero’s Land has options that caters for you.

A Huge and Varied Arsenal

As you’d expect for a game focused on surviving you have a dizzying range of weapons to use, each with their own. New ones can be grabbed when you slay some monsters and bosses, and you can even carry multiple ones to use how you see fit.

Some foes will require specific types of weapon, so making sure you have the right tool for the job is essential – and it’s hugely satisfying when you choose correctly and crush your enemy with ease. There are even turrets, stones, and groundspikes you can set up to send your foes packing.

So Many Characters…and Pets!

There’s a huge variety of heroes to unlock here, all unlocked via coins you earn in combat. Every single one has a specific skill set to match your style of play – and also a unique look to match your sense of style.

Then there are a range of monsters out there, but you can keep their (thankfully less aggressive) cubs as pets – or even as partners if you want to defeat your enemies that way.

Grinding Isn’t A Pain

Publisher Orienjoy has made sure grinding away in Hero’s Land isn’t a chore by implementing a unique synthesis mechanism.

Sounds complicated we know, but ultimately it makes levelling up various parts of your character a much smoother process – you won’t find yourself seeing various skills get unbalanced in favour of others.

Pop In Anytime

Hero’s Land doesn’t punish you for having a life outside of the game. You can quit and re-enter the game at any time you wish, even though 

When you exit the game you’ll be rewarded for your efforts, and have something to hold onto when you next enter the arena.

So if the above sounds like your cup of tea – and it really should – you can find Hero’s Land on Steam right now

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