5 Reasons why Rise of Warlords is worth playing

By Glenn Wilson |


The PC real-time strategy gaming scene is all aflutter right now over Company of Heroes 3, the next entry in the awesome Company of Heroes series. 

But on mobile the buzz is all about Rise of Warlords. 

A glance at the screenshots will tell you why. This sprawling RTS from Happy Cat Gaming is a clear cut above the usual strategy gaming fare on the small screen, with stunning 3D visuals and a thrilling art-style. 

Rise of Warlords draws on not just one but five mythological systems, and it boasts a cast of hundreds of legendary heroes. The gameplay sees six different civilisations duking it for supremacy over a fantasy world riven by endless conflict and strife. 

Sure, that may not be the most original setup on mobile. But Rise of Warlords is the most polished version of the format imaginable, the most comprehensive in terms of features, and the richest in terms of gameplay. 

Take the combat. Thanks to the game’s fully 3D map, which covers more than two million square acres and consists of different regions with their own topographical features, your options as a military commander are endless. 

You can use the high ground, occupy towers, disrupt supply lines, block ports, and much, much more. Plus, you can command troops in real time, sending them on flanking maneuvers, ordering them to retreat, and so on. Rise of Warlords is a total battlefield simulator – a rare thing on mobile. 

And that’s just one aspect of Rise of Warlords. Here are our top five reasons that you need to play it right now. 

A Diverse Array of Heroes

Heroes are the stars of mytho-historical multiplayer mobile games, and Rise of Warlords has the best lineup imaginable. It’s a real who’s who, featuring big-hitters like Athena and Thor along with lesser-known figures (in the West) like Horus the falcon-headed Egyptian god and Wukong the Chinese Monkey King. 

A Fully 3D Gameworld

Everything that happens in Rise of Warlords happens in a single, vast 3D world covering 2,250,000 acres of virtual land – and you can survey all of it with a flick of your finger without having to sit through a single loading screen. Not only do these countless polygons make up the game’s diverse terrain, but they make it look absolutely stunning. 

Realistic Terrain

Terrain is a huge part of military tactics, and the most cunning tacticians are always able to use the landscape to their advantage. The same goes for Rise of Warlords, where the fully 3D environment allows for mountain ridges, valleys, river systems, and cities, all of which provide opportunities for a budding Napoleon. Better still, this terrain varies by region, so you’ve also got to wrestle with the concept of home advantage. 

Flexible Troop Maneuvers

Rise of Warlords has one of the most realistic and flexible troop maneuvering systems we’ve seen on mobile. You can issue commands at any time, and send your troops anywhere you like. That means arranging them into formations for large-scale battles or concealing them in the terrain for ambushes. Naturally, you can also use them to defend your city.

A Sophisticated Alliance System

All too often the alliance system in an MMO is a token feature with relatively little functionality beyond making a few timers go down faster. In Rise of Warlords they really matter. An alliance can consist of hundreds of players, and you can leave objective markers on your map for fellow alliance members, organise them into squads for specific missions, take territory, and much more. 

Rise of Warlords is out right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Just click here.

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