10 Reasons Why You Need to Play Snowbreak: Containment Zone

The day has come.  Snowbreak: Containment Zone—the hotly anticipated sci-fi shooter from developer Seasun Games—is finally out, following its recent global closed beta.  If you know anything about Snowbreak: Containment Zone, you’ve almost certainly stopped reading at this point so …

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The day has come. 

Snowbreak: Containment Zone—the hotly anticipated sci-fi shooter from developer Seasun Games—is finally out, following its recent global closed beta. 

If you know anything about Snowbreak: Containment Zone, you’ve almost certainly stopped reading at this point so that you can download the game and start playing. Good luck to you.

For those of you who are in the dark, here are 10 reasons why you need to play Snowbreak: Containment Zone right now.

Rich story

Whether or not you pay attention to cutscenes and dialogue in games, there’s no doubt that a well-written game is usually a well-designed one. 

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is very well-written indeed. Set in 2057, it plunges you into an environment where teenagers are being struck down by a mysterious illness, Titans are running amok, and the world is seemingly governed by a single global conglomerate. 

This powerful organization—Yggdrasil Enterprises—is responsible for everything from running the containment zone around the Titans to managing the Heimdall Force, an army of godlike operatives whose task it is to take the Titans down. 

And you get to play in this world.

Unique Titans

The concept of taking on gigantic boss characters in multiplayer shooters isn’t exactly new—the fantastic Titanfall series has already gone there—but it’s pretty much new on mobile.

There are tons of great mobile shooters at this point, with titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Mobile proving over and over again that the smartphone’s touchscreen interface is no impediment to shooty fun. 

But Snowbreak: Containment Zone is breaking new ground on the platform, offering an experience that no other mobile shooter can match in terms of gameplay and spectacle. 

Incredible visuals

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a gorgeous game that looks just as slick on a PC monitor as it does on a smartphone screen, with impressive lighting, spectacular skill effects, and a ton of detail. 

But the game’s accomplishments aren’t just technical ones. The art designers behind Snowbreak: Containment Zone have created a world that feels both realistic and futuristic, with its own unique architecture, costumes, and Titans, all wreathed in the haze of toxic pollution that hangs over everything. 

This artistic and technical effort pays off not only during battles but back at your base, where you’ll get to interact with some staggeringly well-rendered Operatives.

Convincing Weapons

While Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a work of high fiction, Seasun Games has striven to make the combat feel impactful by ensuring that its weapons are based on plausible future firearms technologies.

This is a game that has done its homework, making the world feel gritty, real, and dangerous.  

RPG Progression

Representing the fantasy faction, on the other hand, is the RPG-esque skill mechanic, which sees you acquiring powerful and visually spectacular skills as you level your character up. 

This keeps the combat fresh, with new variables constantly being added to the mix. 

Cover System

Snowbreak: Containment Zone has already undergone a closed beta worldwide. When that process began, it was a far simpler game, but player feedback has helped to create a fantastic cover system. 

While it was always possible to hide behind stuff, now you can actually snap to objects and emerge to shoot, Gears of War-style.

Plus, you can use skills from behind cover, including support skills. That means you can call on the abilities of non-active characters, massively increasing your tactical options. 

Co-op Gameplay

Multiplayer is an essential feature of any self-respecting mobile shooter, and Snowbreak: Containment Zone lets you call upon your fellow players to take down Titans in co-op mode. 

This is a refreshing change from the relentless PvP gameplay already on offer, and we’re always happy when a game gives us an opportunity to team up with other fans.


Not only is Snowbreak: Containment Zone multiplayer, but it’s cross-platform too. Sometimes you want to play games in a ball on the couch, or away from home. 

On the other hand, sometimes you want the screen real estate of a PC monitor. This game lets you have both, allowing the portable and PC communities to stand shoulder to shoulder against the Titan menace. 


One of the things we like most about Snowbreak: Containment Zone is that it’s not a constant slugfest. 

Seasun Games has gone to the trouble of creating a cast of unique, engaging characters, and it wants you to get to know them. That’s what the base is for.

This haven from Titan-based violence lets you build relationships with the members of Heimdall Force, earning their trust through intimate conversations, adding a whole new dimension of gameplay to this ambitious shooter. 


We’ve given you plenty of reasons to play Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Now we’re going to tell you why you should play it right now. 

Seasun Games is launching the game with a host of events and rewards. If you get in on the ground floor you’ll be able to take advantage of 7-day missions, 14-day login rewards, main story completion benefits, and pre-registration milestone rewards. 

Among the prizes on offer are heaps of DigiCash and SilverBucks, outfits, materials, and even an orange tier (5 star) operative of your choice..

Head to the Google Play Store, the App Store, or Epic Games to get started. The game has an official site here too.