Win 1 of 5 Copies of MLB Manager 2015

By Jim Squires |

When it comes to deep, rich, gorgeous sports simulations, Out of the Park Developments have been knocking it… well… out of the park, for years now. In fact, their baseball sim is so beloved that this year they ditched the iOOTP name and netted full use of the Major League Baseball license.

Now that the boys of summer are in full swing, you might be itchin’ to give MLB Manager 2015 a purchase to help cure your boredom during the seventh inning stretch. But why buy it when you can win it?

Courtesy of Out of the Park Developments, we’re giving away five copies of MLB Manager 2015 for iOS. Click “enter” in the box below for full details and your chance to win.

We're Giving Away 5 Copies of MLB Manager 2015 for iOS in Gamezebo Giveaways on LockerDome

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